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The story of driving, the South African taxi driver and how they both bring out the worst in other South Africans.
Have you ever been upset and just needed to get away? Where? Anywhere to just get your thoughts clear. Let me ask you another question, have you ever been driving in one of those moments and a song comes on that seems to say exactly what you are going through? This is about one of th...
Driving trip from New Delhi to Kolkata, through the heartland of India
Do you ever get frustrated in traffic and make a fool of yourself? Well you just gotta know that I do.
It's not beeing a lot of time since the last time i came to france. But driving here, is insane!
with no one obeying basic traffic signs, what is the point of producing them and not enforcing them?
Number of car accidents is increasing. Most of the reason are using cellphones or other form of distractions.
Although it is getting tougher all the time, getting a driving licence in the UK is still possible without too much trouble. The key to success is preparedness, and this page explains just how to prepare to succeed first time.
A short fiction story about a driving test. Hope you enjoy it folks!
With fuel prices on the rise filling up your personal vehicle with gas is almost like a nightmare putting a real drain on your pockets. So whether your daily trip is a short one or a long one using these best driving practices would certainly save up on your fuel.
We are usually tied up with "what life is" in our discussions, debates, books, art and everything that involves brainstorming... But sometimes, we try to compare life with different things to simplify it. Here i am comparing life with Cars. Read on to know how.
a poem by Jimmy Kopelia send a message to the public in general that in life you have choices and the best is not to drink and drive
A rather unconventional yet realistic guide on how to pass your driving test!
GOD'S GIFT!! A must read for any road users!!! TOP SAFETY TIPS AND WAYS TO AVOID TROUBLE!! *** (Contains flippancy and may not actually help)
Travelling by car is safe, but there are steps that you can take to make sure that you keep as safe as possible when you are driving or parking your car!
A poem for drivers to drive carefully and keep in mind that we share this earth with all God's creatures, large and small, especially now that Spring is upon us.
Know some statistics about driving accidents amongst young drivers.
Here are my list of some tips to prevent accidents while driving in autumn and fall.
Safety precaution on the use of brake fluid and pressurized car wash equipment.
A burnt out car brake light can cause a terrible accident
Weak antifreeze can cause your car's coolant system to fail
Having operational lights and blinkers is a must for safe driving
Removing ice from a car windshield does not have to be hard work
Defensive driving start with letting other drivers know what your intentions are.
I’ve often heard sex compared to riding a bike, but what about driving a car? Ever considered how sex is like driving a car? Well, after reading this, you surely will!
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