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Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits are INCREDIBLE and easy to bake.
My poem " [link=]Kid, stand on your own [/link] " was published on 06-Mar-2011. Now, I'm surprised to see that this poem has been receiving many views per day recently.
This is my poor attempt to portray the beautiful sight of the millions of starlings we see on a winters evening in England .
An Iambic Pentameter Villanelle. Surreal and spiritual write, about a maid.
Gray clouds gathered where, his glance searched nigh, A poem about the love of a couple. A soldier and his gal.
My old friends came to the bog; like drops of this rain's dew; A small spiritual - a bit abstract poem.
Rain rolls in a mentated stream, bedewed are the faces of dark, (A sentimental poem about rain.)
I wrote this poem for my two kids. They have grown up but they care little to read my poetry. I know one day they will appreciate my feelings. Please write your comments. I want to know whether the kids are same around the world, when they are born and as they grow up.
A sentimental poem, a guy finds a picture of his long time ago sweetheart, and remembers details.
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