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Natural disasters are not restricted to a country or climate, they happen worldwide. Some populations and countries are more prone to these disasters.
The world today is facing very dire conditions. Global famine and acute fresh water shortages will trigger more violence and bloodshed if these conditions remain.
Desalination is a process of removing salt and mineral from water so it can be used by humans.
Have you seen Mad Max, where water=power? We take water for granted each and everyday when we leave the faucet on to brush our teeth. We ignore the drought and the pleads to reduce our water use. We must not forget water is life and without this decreasing precious commodity we would ...
It will come perhaps sooner than we think. Millions of people will pack up and move out of California and Arizona for wetter climes.
We may be close to reaching peak oil, but in California peak water has been already surpassed, and it doesn't bode well for the future.
The ongoing drought in California is now reaching epic proportions, and there is no rain in sight.
California been going through a serious drought and people are taking it in their owb hands to get water.
Key to a good garden is maintenance --weeding and watering and applying fertilizer. However, the vital aspects of a garden are flowers and lawns. Trees go with the house and determine the amount of shade or sun that your flowers will receive. Search for the right grass for your lawns ...
were long hot days, drought seems to stretch we were worried about supremely dry and hot days.
War and armed conflicts are happening the world over. Coupled with damages wrought by typhoons, tornados, floods, droughts, etc. the world's economy and supply of food are greatly jeopardized. This is clear handwriting on the wall that man must do something to avert coming food crisi...
Quite a big portion about 50 million acres of rice farms worldwide are affected by salinity. These wide tracts of land are useless because no rice plants grow in them caused by the presence of salt. However, these once neglected areas will soon join in rice production. How?
2013 was the driest year in California since record keeping began over 150 years ago, and there is no end in sight to this historic drought.
Why fresh clean water must be made available for everyone no matter how poor they are.
Killing animals for food is creating records this year. Prevailing drought conditions throughout the world, hike in the prices of cattle feed and shortage of staple food items are pushing the world to a record killing of animals.
The food situation in the world is growing bad to worse. In spite of the advanced technologies, a global starvation is threatening the world. Prices of foods are soaring high breaking all previous records. Is the modern world heading towards hunger death?
The events that lead to The Great Depression and how they compare to the recent recession
The nonsense of "Infadel Food" is turning starvation in Somalia into a disaster of epic proportions. Donations that are made by hundreds of thousands, including Somali Muslims, are not relieving the starvation in that country and corruption is clearly to blame for the continued humani...
~waking up in the desert~rainman~caught in the eyes of serpents~he learned reptile moves~denying Jesus while creating a chaos of gods~remembering the death car~indians on the highway~no one here gets out alive~
This article looks at the natural environment and climate change.
This article looks at drought, famine and disease in 19th century Lesotho.
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