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This is the condition of obsession that leads to frequent use of drugs to keep the cravenness calm.
In August, I’ll be a year clean of drugs and alcohol. This is a look back on the journey. To anyone on the road to recovery from ANY sort of substance abuse/addiction, big ups! I know all too well how bumpy that road can get.
My obligatory "stay away from drugs" tale. I hope it helps people just how bad drug use can get. Big ups to the people who are continuing their abstinence from drugs, especially seeing how easy they can draw you in and bigger ups to the people who have walked away from drug addiction.
Recovering from an addiction is a long, arduous journey – but it’s that much harder when traveled alone. And family support is must to help your loved ones lead a sober life.
Our society has been effected on all levels by the crimes committed by the need to feed drug habits. Young people are exposed to stronger and more potent substances .
Drug addiction is the worst habit practiced by few youths in the society. The youths do not know the impact of this drug habit upon their body and mind. They feel pleasure of enjoying drugs. Initially they take the drugs for a moment and encou...
Here you can find out the various method of recovery from Drug and other alcohol addiction. Various people want to leave and looking for rehab center. How to find good rehab center and got the stay healthy with rehab center
Drug addiction is considered to be a destructive condition. In a recent survey, even after successful treatment, in a drug rehabilitation center, addicts may still experience periods of relapse,
From a tender age Emma wanted to love and be loved, when she's three years old, her drug addicted mother finally shows Emma love, by selling her off to the highest bidder.
If you, in whatever capacity you are placed in life, think by spanking your kids you can enforce discipline, think again, it is worse than the remedy; for studies abound with scientific proofs that spanking of the children by parents or teachers create an indelible negative impression...
A poem about the injustice in modern society where pensioners struggle to heat their homes and feed themselves, where we give extra money to junkies and alcoholics.
Rehab treatment or detox center is a great place to any individuals who have problems with drug and alcohol addiction. Find out the benefits of rehab treatment for substance abuser to help them cure from substance addiction.
Drugs is a not nice to eat or drink soi dont eat it else you will die ok so say no to it.
story initially shows a life of a drug addict having no aims or ambition.He wants to quit and goes to a rehabilitation center where he finds a reason to live... a boy who remembers him of his younger brother...
It is a story of Shubham who cheats his friend for drugs.
How is urbanization impacting the lives of people?
This is a very candid, open and honest reflection of my past struggle I have had for the majority of my adult life with various drugs.
At the heights of their fame and career, these celebrities were known as the most famous and successful stars of their generation. Unfortunately, they ruined and destroyed their lives as well as their looks due to drug addiction, excessive drinking of alcohol and heavy smoking.
There was this young handsome young son of a successful horse trainer with a promising career but instead choose self destruction, it began the usual way , smoking grass and finally he the heroine would glorify his life but instead it corrupted his soul and every one around him.
The natural defense systems within us, come on at an early age. Here is my witness of a child building walls to protect her tender heart.
Gia was a beautiful, young woman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when she was first discovered by a modelling scout. She left home, going to NYC to pursue a career as a supermodel, rising to stardom quickly. Unfortunately she also was introduced to drugs that would ultimately destro...
The stories of children and abuse against them, never cease to break my heart. There is no one particular child who comes in to my mind in this poem, but it is a total representation of as I see each child. I am a protective type.
I work for Children Services. I see a lot of bad things. The worst pain I have endured in my job is watching a child who was loved and well taken care of by a parent get taken permanently away from him or her... Because the parent was ill, or unable or unavailable for one reason or a...
A parent is a reflection of the good and bad in their children! The poignant lyrics of Barry Manilow and Marty Panzers touching song clearly states the tremendous responsibility we have in teaching our children by example. "I am your child Wherever you go you take me too Whatever I ...
I was about sixteen at that time and was in my fourth year at high school. I was the oldest son of a brood of three. My father was the general manager of a company and my mom was an executive secretary to the president of another company. They have provided us with all the best things...
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