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Our society has been effected on all levels by the crimes committed by the need to feed drug habits. Young people are exposed to stronger and more potent substances .
So this is a quick poem I wrote on taking medication, in this case anti-depressants. In some cases it is needed to balance out the hormones in the brain and make life easier to deal with, however after a while it feels like you are dependent on them, which in turn can really get a per...
A poem about the injustice in modern society where pensioners struggle to heat their homes and feed themselves, where we give extra money to junkies and alcoholics.
Drugs is a not nice to eat or drink soi dont eat it else you will die ok so say no to it.
Drug addicts need help to take the necessary steps to recovery. Often, they might turn to friends for support in embarking upon this process but the friend also needs to know what that support entails.
Despite strenuous efforts by governments, the medical profession and other caring organisations, making an impact into the levels of drug addiction appears to be one of those health issues where progress is slow and often heartbreaking. Perhaps this lack or progress can be attributed ...
The country today is on a drug menace. The government cannot stop drug trafficking alone. The citizens must participate, collaborate and assist the government in solving the problems of drugs
Drugs is the venue of some people to accumulate wealth and/or have vested interest to occupy a higher position in government to safeguard his/her business by way of drug trafficking.
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