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Children have unique ways of praising the Lord. Read what this contributor learned by observing their act of worship at church.
A juxtaposition of rattling inside your head, behind your eyes can lead to knowledge beyond compare but you have to go that...if you will..enjoy
A story of an old Warrior who won't die, the World has changed but somethings never do, like fighting for your life. ETNA-European Tribes of North America.
A CD Review of of recent album Shine by Dani Wilde and her band.
A short analysis of John Bonham and his method of playing the drums
A live concert review of the acclaimed Jazz Quartet Empirical.
An EP Review of Broken Heal by the blues/rock band King King
My Grandfather was not a nice man, apparently, but he had a sense of humour.
Loud noises and silence come and go everyday. How does it affect you?
A friend of Jesus visits him on his dying day. This friend dries his tears.
A CD review of the Blues Harmonica whizzkid Junior Wells and his band, The Aces live in concert.
Evolution of orchestra throughout centuries. Major set back is lack of funding for its large size and cost.
Know about Medieval Music particularly the Gregorian Chant.
Here you can read four more of my poems, from the magic of Rio to the pain of a lovers tiff, remember "A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman." read on...
In the first of a number of 'Top 5's' I explore the Indie scene of the 1990s and pick out my favourite tracks that epitomises this genre. is an excellent website to experience playing and learning drums virtually.
~Ever attempted a conversation with someone, a five-year-old in their lap squeezing & squeaking a balloon~that’s what it felt like in my rock ‘n roll days~guitar players & drummers pickin’ & clankin’ while I was busy trying to concentrate, to write lyrics~
~When my guitar playing son and I get together with my drum playing son-in-law get together anything can happen. This piece is the result of a session we had when we were Shadow Danse. Sitting here in California, 1400 miles from those bad boyz in Colorado, I wanna go back. I’m go...
~an original rock & roll song written & performed by the author and his son~he got ‘em hangin’ from the wire~he been singin, playin’ rough~like he fallin’ down in layers~jus’ makin’ music in the House o’ Blood~
Here is my tips on using paradiddles as part of a practice regimen.
This piece is for my creative writing class. Unlike The Country Manor of Iowa, it is only of almost five pages. This is my second horror/suspense short story. The assignment was to create a story with a message attached to it. The message to this is "The price of fame" for "fame" isn...
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