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Dubai always existed in the world map, but we got acquainted to the city only a few years back. Dubai without boasting and shouting became the eye candy of the world in less than 20 years.
Dubai is one of teh great business and holiday centres of the world and it is a good idea to invest in some property like a villa there, if you have the money
Dubai is a great place for a holiday. It has everything from night clubs to shopping malls. Its a great place to enjoy a holiday, with family or otherwise
The Middle east is an important area of the world, but presently is in a state of strife. However some leaders do have a hand in the destiny of the Middle east. Its worth havinga a look at them
Proper furnishings always increase the liveliness of a place. For a place of work to look like one, it is important to have all of the things that are mentioned above. This is the least that can be done to create a formal environment.
Dubai is in the open waters of the Persian gulf now become a very popular tourist destination. there are many world class luxury facilities are very supportive of tourists. especially if you look at the city dubai at night is certainly very different from where the city of dubai very ...
Throw in Big Hollywood stars, directors, a top espionage team which has been disowned and has to redeem itself without any support, and maniac terror mastermind, and great fireworks and action is what you expect- well this is what MI4: The Ghost protocol is all about!
Dubai is a great place for entertainment and the new Marvel comics exhibition and theme park is agreat place to spend a day.
The UAe is almost like India, it cannot be anything else with the population being 80% from the sub-continent. It's a great place to enjoy and have fun.
Commuters in Dubai are being offered the chance to win lavish prizes if they take public transport, it's reported.
A court in Dubai has granted a divorce to a man who says his wife is possessed by spirits and refuses to have sex with him, reports suggest.
Dubai – as the name suggests might remind you of few things. The Burj Tower (considering how it was even portrayed in the movie Ghost Protocol), the Palm Jumeirah islands, the shopping centres, long beachlines and the sparkling blue sea. You see, Dubai covers essentially everything ...
The skin is the largest organ we own and we´re to keep it clean and hydrated.
The Ibn battuta mall dedicated to the great travellor is a delight and a fitting tribute to his memory
Travel industry in Dubai is growing rapidly, other business are still in target settings phase as per the demand of the industry and on other hand Dubai has set target for tourism for every year and that always exceeds.
This article focuses on the fact that what are the basic tips of selling property in the beautiful and investment friendly region of Dubai. Different selling options and strategies were discussed in this article, which would be quite viable for investors in both the short and the long...
Dubai’s real estate market is nowadays considered to be a heaven for investors as it is offering them high ratio of return for their investments.
Dubai is one of the most attractive places in the world for shopaholics and they have an opportunity to buy everything in one place irrelevant of the size and price of the items. The city offers all major and exclusive brands along with a plethora of cost saving retail stores for shop...
All in all it can be said that budget yourself which would determine what kind of watch you will end up with and finally, find yourself the best store there is in all of town.
The miracle garden is a lovely garden close to Dubai. It was a pleasure to visit it during my present visit to Dubai for a holiday
Do you want to know how is the lifestyle in Dubai? Read more...
Ski Dubai is the very first indoor snow and ski resort in the Middle East. Children and adults can enjoy the snow throughout the year in Ski Dubai. If you want to put your expertise in skiing to use, then Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates is the place to be in. Children can have gre...
Desert Safari is a tour into the deserts of Dubai. The safari takes you right into the desert where you can enjoy camel rides, dune bashing, applying mehendi on your hands and many more activities that you will enjoy. The Desert Safari is an experience that you will never forget.
Dubai is on the edge of the Arabian desert, but despite this has some of the best golf courses in the world. I have had the fun of playing at some of the courses because of my proximity to Dubai at Abu Dhabi
Dubai was a small fishing village which has now become a megapolis and world financial center. This is because of the pragmatic and liberal approach of the rulers. The rise of Dubai should be a lesson to other Muslim states.
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