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Sometimes it helps to be a little crazy! Just let yourself go!
Broken Hill: My dog and I would like to welcome you to our home town. We would like to start with the Zinc Lakes - lets go walking.
A guide to ducks and their characteristics and habitat.
This page is about ducks and their different characteristics.
Bayou Moon is nature poetry about the bayou. Describing the sights and sounds of nature in the bayou.
This story is based loosely around some rather amusing experiences that really happened in the writer's life. It is about how God's love affects all of his creation, and how it is even felt by some of the smaller animal members too.
So I thought I would take a moment to write a nice summery off the laws surrounding firearms in Ireland as my lovely neighbours seem to think there are no laws and shooting on our land and off the roadside is perfectly “OK”.
Summer had ended, and fall had begun,two ducks flying south
A daydream inspiring visit to the botanical gardens.
This is my favorite joke. Make it your laugh for the day. They say that laughter is the best medicine or else you will die laughing.
Last week I discovered the little town of Thetford. it nestles in Norfolk, an idyllic place by the river. Read on to find out more
Great ducks participate in the show show at Hotel Memphis every day with 4 hense and one drakemale duck from 11.00 am to 5.00 PM.
My then fiance (Susanne Herfurth) and I adopted a duck back at the end of February. This is my blog entry from the second day we had Duckie as part of the family. Since then we got married, and have come to love Good Duckie like a first child (well, not quite as much as my son who is ...
A light discription of my walk along the canal towpath that I had wanted to do for ages.
Last year I wrote about the events that made 2012 newsworthy, but there was an awful lot of doom and gloom, so this time I thought I would only report the strange unusual and downright funny news items of 2013
Learn more about this majestic bird and its sometimes misunderstood taxonomy.
A page about nature and wildlife you might see at the park.
Spring returns our child-like wonder refreshed and renewed...
A short poem about walking my dog, the fun we have and what we get up to. Our daily pleasure and so forth.
A short poem about the pleasures of sailing on a narrow boat. What you see and why I enjoy the time on board.
Diss is a Norfolk town situated in the East Anglian region of England. It is steeped in history, and well worth a visit. Read on to find out more.
Chapter thirteen from the Dolly Ducktail story's Dolly and David decide to go to the moon, and with the help of Daddy they make it.
I visited this area of Suffolk recently, read on to find out more about it.
Oregon took the victory on Wisconsin Badgers in one of the Most Successful Football Stadium known for College Tournaments - Rose Bowl Stadium
This is number Eleven of my "Dolly Ducktail" story's, lets see what happens when Dolly sorts out all her old toys
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