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I had a 'relationship' with a man, that rejected me in the end, because I was not willing to jump into a sexual relationship with him until I had really got to know him and when did months later, I soon realised he was not right for me and too old for me. He had lied about his age. T...
Guess this is a love poem.............wonder if anyone get it???
Its a poem about how a girl has to cope up with her feelings and try to keep up her self confidence and self esteem when she is heartbroken.
Turning my downtime into a stepping stone . Changing my view of fears.
8 things you should avoid saying to a person who just got dumped. Advice and tips.
Chloe feels unwanted and unloved, and she needs her family right now.
According to the Daily Mail, Cheryl's Geordie accent was too strong for the viewing public to understand.
There are 3 kinds of people... we bump into each kinds everyday ... some pretend and some don't ... life is ironical at times!
A Page from my Old Diary written years ago... reading which you shall cry and weep.
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