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A small poem after two years of not writing. Comments are open.
Those times when our thoughts are so overflowing that we have to strain to focus in on the words, and the moments between when we feel uninspired, drained, searching for the spark of genius beneath our doubts. When we need to quench the dry spell, and then something wonderful emerges...
This poem traces the life of a man from birth to death and questions what follows.
House cleaning becomes more difficult than you might expect when cats decide to 'help'. In their own special way.
There comes points or moments in life when we have to stop and state where we are
The seed of humanity that begets offspring and bring them into being.
Treatment may be described under three categories. Treatment of the acute attacks; treatment in between attacks; and treatment of status asthmaticus (Severe acute asthma).
Computer keyboards should be cleaned regularly. The fact is that your keyboard has bacteria and germs that can be the cause of your illness. A dirty keyboard can cause stomach upsets and food poisoning. Remember to clean your keyboard. Image Credit
Dust Strom hit Doha a few days back... It's very dusty around here and everything needs cleansing.
This is but a reflection on what does happen...could happen to those who place themselves far beyond whom they truly are..we see it all the time is the mighty have fallen....enjoy
Do you know why pepper can cause sneezing? There are two main reasons why pepper can stimulate the nose and cause sneezing. Read to find out more.
There is much pollution everywhere as dust,smoke,sunburn and many more but this is very big problem to avoid these things all days or nights,Every you go you could not be safe.Body polishing is the way to make yourself beautiful and charming.
The poem is a comparison between the life of a leaf and that of a human being.
We all go through moments when everything seems dark and full of despair ...but we need to rise up and not be afraid ...the victory is in sight ....
Computer users are mostly do not take proper care in maintaining the computer, accessories and printer due to which either system or printer is gets defective frequently.
Open wide! Here comes the earthworks machine! Yuuummmy!
Enchanting little fairies, playing with moonbeams and pixie gold
A look at what role water plays in our lives. From the role of cleaning the atmosphere to cleasning our skins, this also looks at how water makes this author feel. It explains how powerful, yet also gentle water can be, It is more intended for the individuals who take water for grante...
We are a nation slowly being tricked into soft slavery, bringing down our once mighty house and nation. Soon, there will only be rust and dust in what was once a great place! We are accepting bondage!
Mars is a conspicuous object in the sky, not simply because it is so bright, but because of its strong red colour. The cause of this colouring is the dust that covers almost the entire surface of Mars, and which contains large amounts of iron oxide.
Rose water have several uses in beauty care of skin,face,eyes, body,hairs etc etc.
Varieties of Seasons are the charm of life...But sometimes extreme weather causes some troubles too.
In searching for her he's found a philosophy to balance his soul in the presence of Sophy. The scales of existence measures his sufferings, from his shoulders she's taken off the weight of desires. His spirit is soaring above the ordinariness. The lightness rules over the human ho...
Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. In order to have clean air we should be aware of the dange...
How one should take care of their skin to keep it young and beautiful. Are you suffering from Dry Dandruff? Then Oil massage is the best solution. Massage your scalp with one teaspoon of hot castor oil, one teaspoon of Coconut Oil and one teaspoon of til oil. Leave it onto your hair a...
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