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Life is all about the concept of love and the interpretation it conveys, joy and peaceful harmony in contentment or miscarriage of duty?
What a soldier thinks about while abroad for his country. Read more:
I was reading this article about Mother Theresa, and it brought to surface many complex thoughts. Has anybody done any study about improvement in the way children treat parents before and after the lady?
Happiness is not the privilege of only a few people. It is the right and duty of every human being. God created everyone to lead a happy life. He gives his grace to lead a happy life. By living happily we can build up heaven on this earth.
We all deny we have them. Carnal thoughts. Inspiration is all around. I do not hold back when a string of verses catch me. The difficulty comes in having the means to write down the draft at the time of creation. Memory is not always reliable.
This post describes how our society is spoiled by unethical doings, corruption and crimes, are they teach us a lesson to learn?
Is it the tools that helps us tell the story or the story that makes us use specific tools? Well for the writer the tool to convey any story that needs to be told could arguably be the words used of the device on which the words are written down, how we tell a story really matters mos...
As I sat down there,just right behind me was a window that gives me access to see many things going on in the king yard. Right there I saw some lizard moving around. They will not miss their duty to be there
The delimma of a crown prince who falls in love with a commoner, whom he cannot be with due to traditional dictating the class of people he can marry due to his title and obligations as a Prince.
Why we fight for our country! As soldiers, we have pledged to defend, even to our deaths, this country!
Many people think a church runs on its own, but the truth is there are many people behind the scenes who spend many hours volunteering so others can come in and relax and enjoy an hour out of their Sunday having no idea what it takes to run a church.
We are born with a mind set to do things. Shaping our morality, thoughts and intrinsic values are up to us. Striving to do the best we can for all is what God would want us to do. Will you be wanting revenge instead of Justice? Please know that God loves you but some times it deeply h...
We have many differences among the culture and societies, but the role and feeling of mothers is same- love and sacrifice.
Stressful Routine of a working woman wishing from from her heart to give time to family members but practically giving priority to office work and her job.
Is the sense of duty gone in modern society? It often seems that people are wrapped up in their own perceived glory and no longer have a sense of duty to their community.
A poem that tells us not to leave our duty. We must do our duty well.
Mother Teresa is a phenomenon in the God's creation. The poem 'LIFE' is well-known as a great quote from her wonderful sayings. This is an attempt to understand what is LIFE and its interpretation from each line in that poem. Here, I examine how 'Life is sorrow' and how to 'overcome ...
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Sometimes it's not worth need to's my life!!!!
Our days present us with unimaginable opportunities to do with as we will. Nothing bars us from expressing ourselves in countless ways as we deem fit. No one can dictate what and how we will spend our hours. The road is always open to do with what we will. The incalculable cherished m...
The United States Constitution states what the American government can do or cannot do. Here are some of the laws.
This page will tell you all of the secrets that you need to know about the new maps on the first map pack starting with Crash.
This is a guide that will help you be better in Modern Warfare 2.
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