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Make your dog stand out with a little creativity and some hair dye!!
Just like with us humans, man made chemicals should be avoided when possible, even when it comes to your pet. Yes, I am 'that' woman that dotes on her dogs and they too will enjoy this Easter holiday, safely.
An easy to understand guide to at home hair kits and DIY red hair
Hair dye products can be divided into three groups, ie permanent, temporary and semi-permanent color. The most popular are permanent hair dyes. These can be further divided into oxidation hair dyes and innovative.
Women are generally not recommended to dye their hair when they are pregnant.
Dying natural fibres with berries is normally a fun project one can do with children too on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But I had to produce a "colour chart of white angora wool died with different berries" for a client, so it took a little longer than just an afternoon.
I decided to try a home blonde hair dye kit, only to find myself with a full head of shocking bright orange hair. In this article I explain how I tried to repair the damage and how I eventually managed to eradicate the orange menace.
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