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The Crescent Hotel and Spa was built in 1886 complete with all of the amenities that a grand hotel could offer. The growing popularity with the highly spirited Crescent Hotel might possibly stem from reports stating that it is in fact haunted. Every piece of equipment used for detecti...
I get up and get ready in one of the guest rooms of Rand Estate. Petros and I sleep in two of the guest rooms and Mother and Father and Elmarie in Halfway House. We came here yesterday so that we are close to the cemetary where Auntie Marienne will be buried, in the Krugersdorp area...
Is it a head cold I have today? Feels like it. Over the next days however, what I thought was a head cold turns into some very serious thing that seems to suppress my will to live.
I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm in a situation in which the entire world around me is one thick, hot, lung-burning blanket of strong smoke.
One rainy morning very early, almost still dark, Marzeus is on his computer when he hears a funny bird outside. It's such an odd sound.
Sowing DEATH. That is all that's on the animal's mind. No reasoning. No interest in befriending. No sense of caring. Killing is the only thing he knows at this time.
Death affects everyone differently. This article is about three totally different people and their reaction to their mothers’ deaths.
My sister died on Wednesday Jan 26th, 2006. We were not close as a family. My sister came back into our lives when she already was grown up and had three children of her own. We lost contact with her when she was a little girl. There were so many things we never shared together.
Elizabethe Kubler Ross made history when she developed the theory of how people grieve. I was thinking about her work when I was grieving for my dying sister.
A free verse poetry in memory of three dogs that came to my life.
A little bit of poetry every now and then lightens the heart, sharpens the emotions and fuels the need for possibly anything. That's the blessing and curse, for being a writer.
Many people might think that the death of the physical body is the death of that person too. The person though is far more than their being just this outer covering which we call the physical body. What happens to a person after death, and what happens to their now lifeless body? Why...
This is a story of a rivalry between two men who used to be best friends.
Being present when a parent is dying is one of the hardest things a person will ever do.
The dying off of a one horse town in West Texas. The echoes of ole cowboys in Old Small Creek Texas where everything has changed except a lonely cowboy who still lives there.
A poem I made up from hearing a series of sounds that made me feel a certain way. In this, would be what inspired this poem. Comments are open.
Triond is dying, this much should be clear to any on-line writer, what used to be the premier general writing site has suffered so many set-backs over the past two years it is time for authors to consider the future of their works on that site, start moving your content now and do it ...
The thin blue line was there to guide me, which way I did not care, I felt I could float gently above the line and below. Then, brought back to life with a doctor's therapeutic hand I thank God that I am here.
My best friend died of lung cancer last year and this story came to me the night before we said goodbye to her. It was a present to her parents.
Fighting Angels is an emotional poem about someone who refuses to accept death.
When Christmas is past and also New Year, there are many who have celebrated way too much and even too uproariously and January mostly brings a sad and dark aftermath, the trauma of which, often lingers for years in the lives of the survivors.
Some queer thoughts about death and dying! Oh! No, no... it's about living, if you can see what I mean!
For everyone in search of answers during a loved one's dying. In those hours after they depart what comes as memory will last for seasons. How one chooses to cope...a very personal journey. What were the feelings and thoughts surfacing during those hours?
Sometimes the death of a key person can bring down the hammer on an unsuspecting family member.
This a list of things we can do now to save our oceans from the downhill spiral it is currently going through. If we don't take heed now and try to fix these problems then we will have destroyed our means of survival for future generations. Not a pretty picture!
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