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Most societies allow free play of thoughts, words and actions. But are they leading us to a dead end, more like the tale of Emperor’s New Clothes with none willing to bell the cat? Democracy and freedom should not become a Tower of Babel with endless chatter devoid of actions to mee...
How programmed are you in doing the things in your life? Many of us seem to be limited by our past experiences and breaking new ground is often a challenge.How do you change?
So many girls have the joy of growing up and being Daddy's little girl. This is not always the reality for some girls. We will pine for it and then one day we wake up, realizing it is not to be true, for us.
It is a done deal, I will not allow 'drunk' Dad back into my life, it must end. Nope, I am done! I will deal with my Brother's mental challenges/bipolar as a result of this but, 'we' can not talk to this man.
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