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The utopia and the dystopia are genres of literature that explore social and political structures.
How does Huxley's dystopic novel mirror the society we live in today?
The death of Aldous Huxley on 22 November 1963 was overshadowed by a much bigger news story. Though most of Huxley's writing seems dated his main legacy is the dystopian vision of the novel Brave New World, one of the classics of modern literature. Though often compared with Orwell's ...
An appreciation of the "Never Let Me Go", a novel and now a film starring Kiera Knightly, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield. The story begins as if it were a period romance but soon reveals it's dark side, depicting of a dystopian society than will prompt viewers to question what it ...
Dystopian books are a fascinating genre and loved by young adults because they have interesting elements of mystery, action, romance and adventure. The main elements of the best dystopian novels include an oppressive or overly regimental government or social system and degradation in ...
What follows here is a review of the Short Fiction Dystopian piece, Blue Tent, written by Carla Herrera, an indie author from Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Blue Tent is available on Smashwords via
The choices we make decide our future. Can we make that choice?
A dystopian short story, examines how the protagonist suffers in a not-so-distant future where Facebook has established a totalitarian government.
Young Seo Young Deok are making intricate sculptures with bicycle chains, most of his work in on Asiatic Pose.
If "Brave New World" was Aldous Huxley's vision of a Hellish society, "Island" was his idea of Heaven.
A short look at the prolific novel by George Orwell. The thoughts of a dying man, written on his death bed chronicling his view on what the future may hold.
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