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Today many nicotine addicts are going from smoke to vapor, that’s right vaping is the proper term which can be a bit confusing and intimidate to some. So, if you’ve considered vaping, whether it be as an alternative for your cigarette habit or because you think it's interesting, ...
This write-up is about the new bill in Europe on e-cigs that is about to legalized into law.
Electronic cigarettes are the most recent development in the cigarette industry. They are specially developed to provide smokers with a healthier and friendly option. It is also favorable to individuals who would like to quit smoking. Read to know more about these awesome products.
My efforts of giving up smoking, it includes previous efforts and some info that others might find useful, hints and tips that make it easier to give up smoking.
A short play on the perils of the E-cigarette. If you think the E-cigarette might be the answer to your smoking addiction, you're inhaling more than water vapor.
I recently purchased a nicolite disposable e-cigarette and decided to share my thoughts and first impressions.
Electronic Cigarettes have been around for only a few years now, however they have received a recent surge in popularity and use. In this article I'll look at everything to do with electronic cigarettes, including how the e-cigs look, taste and feel.
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