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Just a mixture of some poetry I wrote. Hope you enjoy it!
This little poem tells you what exist around you, but you may not wish to see or may be too busy making a living to spend time thinking about the issues.
This is a poem, for those who feel pressure to conform.
This is the fable of White Buffalo, as told by the Great Spirit of all time.
3 Horse Ranch is one serious estate that’s making headlines in the world stage fine wines, along with its award winning white blend called 2013 Vivacious from the Snake River, Idaho.
A guide to Britain's owls and how to catch up with them
Structuralism as a theory analyses society from a structural viewpoint. In all societies the structures are all the same- that of binary opposition and nature-culture dichotomy, and the contents are culture specific. In fact, human society tends to replicate the larger structure of th...
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 26 Animal Poem. This one is about Bald Eagles.
Nearly three weeks ago a bald eagle was found in a parking lot - he had been shot and was bleeding from his mouth. He was lying on his back - at death's door. Luckily he was found and turned over to a local environmental center where he made a miraculous recovery.
This is my idea of how a soul may develop with the right circumstances.
These are general topics turned into haiku. These are 5-7-5 verse haiku. I hope you enjoy them!
Dare to dream..Dare to take flight, like the Eagle who soars on the breeze..His view is so much better than ours, stuck down here...Dare to believe that you can touch the sky..You too can achieve so much more than you ever thought...
In each of God's creation there exists a speciality.....My poem here is dedicated to those creation and the love it reflects.
In reproduction, the female Philippine Eagle matures sexually at five years of age while the male is at seven. These eagles are considered as monogamous, they prefer to have one partner for the rest of their life. They only wanted to search for other mates if their partner dies eventu...
Man can learn a lot from the creatures of Mother Earth.
A few poems from my portfolio, I have chosen these four as I feel they could represent the thoughts and dreams of many of us. The first "To dream" are a few things that make me happy, the second "Eagles fly" is based on observations I made during a trip to Scotland, the third "Future ...
This is a story of a hen which lived with us for about five years when I was living with my parents in my Village called Choutkur in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh, India.
God has created innumerable animals not only in different ways, but also in amazing ways.
A different look at Aesop's "The Eagle and the Jackdaw".
An analysis of Tennyson's brief poem taking into consideration parallel structure, reasons for personification, versification, trochaic substitution, mythological suggestions.
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