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Easter celebrations are on progress. I love them even though I'm not a very religious person, but I was born in a Christian society and they are part of our culture and civilization.
Check in detail on Easter 2018 Greeting to all the Love One. Let us check a brief on Happy easter 2018.
Broths at Easter or at cold Winter days. For religious matters or to palate them.
Easter is one of the most notable dates on the Christian calendar, and so like other Christian countries Britain has a public holiday over the Easter period. This holiday can become a four-day weekend when combined with Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday. As such, it’s great peri...
Chocolate always seems to be strongly associated with celebrations and holidays. For example, during Christmas there are Christmas chocolates, then there are Valentine Day chocolates, and then of course during the Easter season chocolate comes into its own with a splendid variety of E...
Adam gets a car and a drivers license but is concerned over the price of gas.
There is a time and a place for taking photographs...during church services isn't it.
This is a collaborative poem that has emerged from the ideas of eleven Wikinut poets.
I just wanted to tell everyone Happy Easter and to remind myself what we celebrate.
Easter eggs remind the festival of Easter which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Children enjoy fun with Easter eggs without knowing the real significance of Easter eggs.
The exchanging of Easter Eggs was a special part of my 1950s childhood.
Whether practising Catholics or not, such traditions are part of the Christian community worldwide and are worth keeping.
Famous for his Fabergé eggs, Peter Carl Fabergé was a Russian jeweller who made his name when he started to make precious metals and gemstones Easter eggs A genuine Fabergé egg can fetch anything up to £20m and that's not bad for an Easter egg
Article to show the Easter customs and traditions across the globe
Read to know how to make this delicious and traditional sweet at Easter.
Just how can a simple bun protect you against shipwreck? We look at the hot cross bun.
Read to know how to make these delicious fritters to have at Easter with friends or relatives.
Some famous carnival celebrations and how we can make our own fancy customs for a time for fun and the ludicrous.
The Westin Excelsior is famously known for languishing their guests with some of the most decadent suites that a first rate hotel can offer the privileged. However ghost hunters prefer room 152 where they are guaranteed paranormal activity that occurs in the room at all hours.
This page is a children's poem about Easter and the celebration of that holiday.
This is a small description of the traiditional easter in my country.
The Easter Bunny Mummy, by Gregory Stomberg, funny, lol, hilarious poem / song for children and adults, new
Four different Sijos on different topics. Sijo is short and sweet poem, hope you enjoy reading it.
Many people don't know what Easter really signifies. They have family dinners....perhaps go to church. They buy a new outfit and celebrate the fact that spring is here and the world is waking from it's long, cold sleep. But, this holiday can and should mean much more to us. This i...
The Bible talks about fasting and many people fast something during Lent.
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