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If you want to stop jumping from diet to diet this article will show you how you how to permanently change your eating habits.
If you have been eating junk food all your life, you may find that developing healthy eating habit is a tough task. You can feel your body disintegrating, and life is getting less and less enjoyable. However, you want to enjoy life to the fullest and see your kids through college at t...
A chapter about puberty which includes a tale of getting busted at 12 for stealing a pair of socks.
Is it time in your life to finally decide to make good decisions on your eating habits. Are you ready to think twice about what type of foods you want to put into your body? Reading further will help you decide on these questions.
The poignant story of a girl who overcomes unique hardship and deprivation - growing up with a troop of capuchin monkeys - to find ultimate redemption.
I lived for a while in portugal, actually all my childhood, this is a special cake of portugal.
Making sure your baby gets the best start is very important, and you can never start to soon. Introducing fresh fruits and vegetables is the perfect way to obtain optional nutrition and maintain good health. This also teaches children the benefits of a healthy diet, something they can...
Did you ever feel you still want to eat after you done with your dinner? Or maybe you eat something to much until you can't standing anymore? Find out why people being overeating!
This page is about the food you are buying and feeding to your family, and how there is people out there working in industry, who value money over the lives, of you and your children.
These eating patterns are linked to personality types and are easy to spot
How you nibble and what you keep on your plate is a mirror to your personality.
Dark circles are a common occurence to many individuals. Here are ways to prevent them.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all must be on our watch care list. Some people eat all they want carefully , while others try to eat all they want and die trying. There is much to be said about eating right and keeping a good lifestyle. You can manage your weight by eating healthy.
Eating rules are describes in Ayurveda, follow these rule and live healthy and long life. These rules are simple to understand and follow.
It will help to improve your health and to change your daily activities against your health.
When God created this world and all that is within it, including the human physical body, He established natural physical laws to govern His creation. sickness only came along when mankind started animal products.
For matters of diet, many people believe if you eat carbohydrate foods, especially at night will add their weight. But a study finds that this is precisely the surefire way to get results otherwise.
Eating Lima Beans can improve your overall health and wellness.
This article is written just to moralize every single person who thinks that he/she is skinny , but the thing is they can bulk up for sure.. by reading this article they will know how they can transform them from skinny to bulked :)
Because of work, among others, it is possible that during pregnancy you have to eat out. It is very important to watch what you eat to carry adequate food.
During the last year of my life, since I am now headed to my eightieth birthday, I have discovered that many people, young and old, do not know, nor were they taught, the values of healthy eating.
When we dine out on a regular basis we are consistently consuming extra fat, sugar, and salt. The more fat, sugar, and salt we eat the more our body wants. Are you aware of what you are eating when you go to a restaurant?
What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? I always ask when every holiday rolls around; will you be eating healthfully, eating anything you want whether it’s fattening or not, then going back to healthy eating the next day or will you be eating everything but in moderation? Wh...
What have you replaced or substituted in your diet? Are you still eating high fat/saturated oils? Are you still frying your food?
Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner. If you are looking for a way to still indulge but burn some extra calories or cut some unnecessary calories out of your diet...READ ON!
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