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Maybe you're already working at that level, which means writing two or more major articles, or a lot of minor articles, every single month. But, how would you like to write 50 pages, then sit back and let the money come in, month after month?
Kevin Partner is a British writer who has written an excellent book on how to start a business online. The book is a treasure and very informative for anyone wanting to start an online business.
If you have information that you believe is unique and would appeal to a large amount of people what is the most profitable way to deliver it through an eBook or blog?
Selling eBooks is something you can do it with so little investment. Many people did not have any idea about the net online, and they were able to sell eBooks by using a few tricks to sell eBooks.
Guys if you a writer, then you can take this further by writing your own books. Publishing has never become easier with Amazon Kindle Publishing. Read this and understand how you can be part of this multi-million publishing platform.
The course of your life can change in an instant. Haley's life changes dramatically when her husband unexpectedly dies leaving her a young widow.
Books are cheap to buy in the Kindle store on amazon.
I have managed to write a book at the age of 19. Though it hasn't been published it, I hope it changes soon enough. Given below is the first page of the book. If there is demand, then I will attach rest of the pages too. Page 1
Do you use Kindle's Android App / iPhone App to read ebooks? It provides cheap and even free books for you to read! You may get a millions of free books every week!
Amazon's KDP select scheme's pros and cons, find out what you should do!
My list of the top 5 young adult paranormal romance ebooks I've read over the summer. I'm an avid reader and read about 5-6 books a week. These were my top 5 favorites.
You will learn how to make money from ebook from this article.
This article is about writing our own ebook. It is a great experience
This page is about my own experience of publishing an ebook. It is quite easy and exciting.
This article is about useless scam ebooks. Lot of persons are selling this kind of books in this virtual world
Find out what it takes to be a successful writer, with the concept of planting your roots in the water. Many writers attempt to survive on their own, and make a modest attempt at thriving, but do not learn the true skills needed to thrive in their environment.
Ever thought about publishing on Smashwords? Ever wondered what "formatting" was involved and if you could do it. Well I thought I would ease minds by letting you how I got on, in a new world of formatting.
Brilliant ideas often arrive when it shouldn't. During rush hour you get an epiphany on how to reword your characters. While standing in line for a cinema ticket you get an idea for a world-shaking speculative short story. Capture this brilliance immediately, it's as easy as getting ...
Learn to adapt to the constantly changing writing environment of the internet, or get left behind. This article shares one avenue for success that many online writers are not taking advantage of.
The third book in the Portal Series, Child of the Portal opens with a scene so shocking, and moving, that it stays with the reader throughout the book, rearing up to slap us over and over as the repercussions ripple through the story. With 3 major character deaths, a single birth and...
At the end of The Portal Between, Lily returned alone; Kate hoped Sam would follow and Kate's world was rocked again. Sam has problems of her own, the magic is out of control, and Lily can't help this time. Kate tries to pull her life back together but it's hard and she finds comfort ...
Have you published your first Ebook yet? You should. With the surge of ereaders in the marketplace, it is now a "must" for all print books to also have a digital format. Learn these essential tips from my experience to soar with your ebook.
The Amazon Kindle 3 is a worthy successor to the Kindle 2, boasting lighter weight, more memory, a better screen, and Wifi.
A review of Amazon's latest Kindle -- the third generation; the good, the bad and the ugly...
There are millions of eBooks available on the internet. How do you decide which one is worth spending money on and what makes the authors of those books qualified to instruct or aid you?
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