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What Trump and the Republicans and our political process are actually doing to the future of the United States
Why it is so important for people to have enough disposable income today.
What the economic impact of implementing universal income would be to the future of the United States
Recently, I hit a crisis point where I was working too hard, and working on things that didn't count much. I realized about money that fear and worry is for those who borrow interest on trouble. Not only that, but I realized that the only way most economic problems and troubles are so...
The winds of war are prevailing and will soon engulf the world in flames of horror
The Chinese bourses are falling for the last three weeks, wiping away $ 3.2. Tn., which is almost 11 times the total Greek debts. This has impacted and will impact the world economy, far greater than the US meltdown of 2008, triggered by Lehman Bros. collapse. The author explains his ...
Greece has defaulted in their interest payment to their lenders and a referendum on July 5th would decide on Greece's continuation in the EU. Either way, the European currency and the Union is bound to get affected, as there are more such nations with weak economies within the EU. The...
Oil exploration in sunny Spain,pop stars social chatter and oil companies running to the government,Pecunia sage had to dig a bit deeper
Financial markets have major impact on organizations. However, government intervention into the economic market is likely to affect management functions in organizations.
On 7 May 2014(1), Linda Rottenberg gave a talk at Stanford University. The Harvard University and Yale Law School graduate turned CEO(2) was there “on the eve of the launch of her new book (…) called 'Crazy is a compliment' ”(3). The piece has been available since October 2014....
as a result of the weak economy makes higher crime rates, because the needs and pressures of living is getting higher and not accompanied by adequate income plus the price of basic commodities continue to rise due to inflation, this is what triggers someone to reckless criminal act by...
The plight of millions this holiday season continues to make this time of the year a very bleak one.
This time we will try to "read" arguably the greatest conspiracy in the history of the world at the end of the age. Analysis drawn from a variety of sources is intended to dismantle the biggest lie of the century.
In almost any other country, the economy is growing as fast as in India. Nevertheless, millions of people there suffer from malnutrition. A visit to the desperately poor state of Madhya Pradesh shows the dramatic consequences.
God's purpose for earth and the future as contained in the creative work of God in the Bible is so glaring that man was given the right to tend and not to destroy or cause disaffection to the component(s) of the earth. It becomes pertinent with this article for us to examine God'...
Will the world ever evolve into a society that finally reaches an utopia state?
This is a page of concern for all, in order that less harm is inflicted on our environment for sustainable development to be achieved.
This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.
Practically every American is well aware of the continuing "economic downturn" that this country has been experiencing since 2008 (sooner for some.) This is one humble citizen's suggested solution that could possibly turn this issue around in a positive way.
Angry at not having money even though work sucks..
As the world’s purse strings tighten mothers are seeking alternate means of supporting families and paying the mortgage.
this article saying about two methods used by economists for studying economics. Inductive method and deductive method.
this article describe briefly about different types of economies in the world and their major functions. when you are a new to economics it is easy to understand.
Inside the April jobs report, an analysis of the minute dots.
Investment strategy for summer doldrums and central bank policy.
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