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The history of the dollar and why the dollar has to go back to the gold standard
The Trump Administration is deceiving the American public and our future remains bleak until we realize this.
The times of today are very similar to the crisis that led to the financial catastrophe of 2008
What Trump and the Republicans and our political process are actually doing to the future of the United States
The United States has taken a wrong turn and is headed straight toward disaster.
The policies of government for the last 35 years have paved the way for Americas decline
The United States is running out of control ever since Trump came into the Presidency
The future of the United States rests with the dollar being the worlds reserve currency and the implementation of National Economic Reform.
This article is intended to elaborate the challenge faced by the economy of Malawi, a developing country in central Africa.
The media by design is purposely beguiling the American public
Guns are not the answer to solving today's social and economic problems, contrary to what many Republicans keep touting.
The global unemployment crisis has kept the world poised on the brink of disaster
Self-control and saving cash aren't always easy, however they are always possible.
The United States debt crisis is now a full blown financial catastrophe.
If we are genuinely willing, our best is great enough. Opportunity is made, not given. The thing that made me think of writing this article is that too many people expect to be given something without meeting reality halfway. We must put forth on the waves of reality before we can exp...
The Chinese bourses are falling for the last three weeks, wiping away $ 3.2. Tn., which is almost 11 times the total Greek debts. This has impacted and will impact the world economy, far greater than the US meltdown of 2008, triggered by Lehman Bros. collapse. The author explains his ...
Greece has defaulted in their interest payment to their lenders and a referendum on July 5th would decide on Greece's continuation in the EU. Either way, the European currency and the Union is bound to get affected, as there are more such nations with weak economies within the EU. The...
The 2007 - 2009 economic crisis caused a global recession where jobs and homes were lost for many families. Looking back 6 years later, are you still feeling the effects?
Berlin - Today, 91 years ago, chaos struck aka German Weimar Republic because of extreme inflation or hyperinflation. Currency value dropped to mark the tragic point, 4.210.500.000.000 per one US dollar.
This time we will try to "read" arguably the greatest conspiracy in the history of the world at the end of the age. Analysis drawn from a variety of sources is intended to dismantle the biggest lie of the century.
In almost any other country, the economy is growing as fast as in India. Nevertheless, millions of people there suffer from malnutrition. A visit to the desperately poor state of Madhya Pradesh shows the dramatic consequences.
Looking at the future prospects for any part of the world requires a thorough analysis and bringing out the findings, even-though they are hard to perceive. Ontario, one of the industrial heartlands of North America is a mess and need more than a quick fix. This is a socialist analysi...
Starting in mid-2007, the global financial crisis quickly metamorphosed from the bursting of the housing bubble in the US to the worst recession the world has witnessed over six decades. The global financial crisis of 2007 has cast its long shadow on the economic fortunes of many coun...
This is about studying economics, why people need to know economics.
The handling of the economy by the United States Federal Government has been a most complete failure.
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