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This is the story of the journey from the darkest moments of life and getting out of them with a new energy and more importantly, a new reason...The new reason that helps you in sailing through life.
A new wave poetry..Raising Ecstasy..for all teens in an age when no one can contain..We all know it..
Orgasmic ecstasy is an innate desire in normal humans to experience So be it ...let all feel it and be happy as orgasmic
I created a blog 'My Wikinut Poets' where I have listed all the Wikinut poets so that anyone can view all the poets whose poems are published on Wikinut.
~ the space between the first time & second time ~ measured in gasps & frantic farewells ~ he thought she might & she did ~ the white of her flesh on his dark red sheets ~ maybe satin next ~ & her feet ~ he’ll wait ~ patient like a good lover should ~
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