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I think we never grow tired of letting people in. It's just awful to realize that some of them won't stay. It could either be that they have some huge issues, or that you're just really bad at keeping them. And I believe I fall on the latter part. Well. Enough with my issues and let's...
A poem for people who think they know their significant others when in reality you were blinded to what they were. The answer was right there, this poem shows us we need to open our eyes. When around people we can see that they are an Open book
The "Pilgrims were communists until they were rescued by capitalism" meme pops up every year at Thanksgiving. This page disputes the meme contending the Pilgrims sharing of provisions was based on weather and isolation rather than any economic philosophy.
My offices and editing studio have been where they were since 1996, and I never thought I'd want it somewhere else. One afternoon I take an afternoon nap, and during my sleep I think about moving my offices and studio to a room in Lordly House.
This page is reveiwing 5 ways to make money online without spending a dime or kobo
This page is showing the tips on How to Become an Online Proofreader
This write-up is simply aimed at shedding light on that essential part of us we seldom make use of. We seek support and encouragement from all others but ourselves while the mental strength within goes a begging. The travails of life would be a lot easier if we trust in ourselves a li...
This page is talking about 8 authentic Foolproof for Attracting Traffic to Your Blog Posts
This page is all about reasons why you should have a blog as a mini website.
Take daily dose of Comedy that promises to put smile on the faces of readers, and indeed gladden their hearts.
Opening of blog made easy, Here's is a step-by step guide you have been waiting for to create your blog with ease. Read the publish content for the information.
Killing the cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo was killing free expression. Charlie Hebdo will never die, and si will forever live free expression.
It has never been easier to do good. Just try your best to make the world colorful.
The Philippine Republic faces critical political issues, weather threats, societal problems year after year. Despite all these, it has remained resilient and headstrong.
Christmas as I believe it to be is the day (December 25) when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This very festive, colorful and happy occasion is one of the most awaited by billions of us to come in a year.
Why do many people exclaim and tell themselves and to others that happiness is really a person's choice? These are my personal insights on this issue.
Titanoboa is not only a single snake, there are other snakes and animals bigger than Titanoboa. which are not found yet.... and became a hidden mystery for us.
Don't be addicted of these drugs avoid it when you need not of it.because these drugs may be harmful for your body if yo take without any problem.
Hello everyone, I am new here, I am glad for this platform, I am not an expert but still learning to improve my writing skills.
In United States more precisely in the city of Iowa, there was an old woman aged 99 years who had a very generous.
Bored with ordinary sandwich recipe? I have a new innovations to make a delicious sandwich recipe, a blend of sweet and sour taste of tomatoes with savory taste of mozzarella cheese.
In Shiba, Japan there is a famous small shop which selling cigarettes and some snacks. That makes this store so famous is not the cheap price. That makes this shop famous is the cashier.
This page is about the true benefits using the law of attraction. Through my own experienced, I declared that the law of attraction to the best of ability and understanding is true and correct.
About a soldiers emotions when going to war and leaving his mother
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