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do you think our education system is outdated? With many dropped students like Mark zukerberg, bill gates, elon mush etc are getting success, we can tell the education system needs to be changed.
Today, i am going to share with my experience about What does it mean to be an Educated Person?
Among the most recognised countries for higher education, New Zealand is receiving the most attention because of its high quality education and a desirable lifestyle. Almost one lac students study in New Zealand almost every year and the government aims to double the figure by 2025. R...
this branch of biochemical deal with the fusion of proteins and amino acids with the help of DNA recombination and sequencing. It is largely used in medicine and food industry.
A view of life from my side, A view on the youngsters of India ,the education system A view on the thinking of an Indian student. .
The system of reservation though obsolete still exists in India. It's high time we come out of the rut and judge with merit.
What we put our children through, in the name of education and the mad desire to succeed
This article looks at education as it meant to the ancient civilizations, what it means now and how it has affected our way of life.
On a day such as today and over a hundred years ago, Oscar Wilde was sentenced to forced labour in prison after having been acclaimed for his plays.
Married couple told me, when their newborn baby was diagnosed with down syndrome, they felt a great shock.; they felt did not believe the news, immediately ambushed sad, deny it, imagine the child will grow and develop differently with other children. Various feelings are raging wi...
This article discusses two major debates that have raised questions about the quality and integrity of higher education.
I almost always write poetry, but then sometimes I like to branch out, spread my wings so to speak and dabble in things like politics, and opinions. This is one of those times as we see the federal encroachment on our public schools.
Distance Learning is learning by correspondence courses. Distance learning is the only source of education for a working person who cannot go to college at office hours. You will be getting all the material and weekends classes are arranged by the university in your home.
at school or in college we find many teachers, among many teachers there are teachers who creatif and some cognitive teacher, for a description of these two types of teachers, please read the following article.
to be successful it is not necessarily to be educated, sometimes experience and hard work can make a person successful, for example, Richard Branson, who just graduated from junior high school successfully established large companies worth billions of dollars. but of higher education ...
In the last month I was join in a good one day seminar program held by the community student of education Innovative Care, Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia and its cooperation’s with the Minister of Education and culture Republic of Indonesia and the UNESCO Representative Team...
I was join in a good one day seminar program held by the community student of education Innovative Care, Jogjakarta State University Indonesia and its cooperation’s with the Minister of Education and culture Republic of Indonesia and the UNESCO Representative Team Asia, that seminar...
Prominent Israeli entrepreneur moves thousands with his noble vision on high education at his University of the People (UoPeople), which he founded in 2009 for the benefit of mankind globally. UoPeople is a tuition-free, non-profit, degree-granting and accredited online institution of...
Here are a few really efficient methods that will help you achieve fluency considerably faster:
They are able to immediately proper a person and provide a person suggestion in your skills which absolutely no understanding materials may. They must be somebody indigenous along with lots of persistence as well as ideally somebody enjoyable.
Distance learning is commendable. It has a flexible study program to suit you. You could have the choice to study and to progress at your own speed to suit your circumstances.
This poem expresses how education as been look down only for the couse of money.
This is about the educational system in Bangladesh, particularly at school level, where all the far reaching impact on the total socio-economic life is affected and disturbed..
Simon Gicharu, who also doubles up as new Chairman of the Geothermal Development Company (GDC), sets the pace with Mount Kenya University
Registration national college entrance selection state In Indonesia Start From 17/2/2014.
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