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Kevin and Snuifie are trying to catch the livestock thief that arrogantly thought he would just come and steal Kevin's sheep, but the thief keeps eluding them.
Kevin and Snuifie come face to face with the sheep thief, sent to steal all their sheep. But is this M.U., or just someone working for him?
Kevin and Snuifie have a confrontation with the criminal from The Better World Project.
Kevin finds that the robot plan for Robbie 2 that he had been working on, has provided a nice supper for a furry friend.
Kevin Sweefarend is still remembering what he read from the book, "Snuf Blaffelaar visits Electopia", when he was trying to kill time whilst working as a shepherd. Quite a funny piece of writing...
Now that there's some underground organization stealing people's livestock, Kevin has to guard his father's sheep all day long. It's very tiresome and most exhausting, but at least he has a good book he enjoys reading to make the time go faster.
The number of people going missing in and around Leeukopkraal and environs, have been soaring. Can a pop singer's lyrics provide any clues as to what has been going on?
It would appear some weird stuff is happening all around Leeukopkraal and environs. Kevin is warned about it in a message from his father Franciscus Sweefarend.
The opening sequence for the EENDAG video novel is quite a work of memorable art. We asked the creator Marius Macrobius of Mooiflieks about it.
In this instalment of the EENDAG video novel, you are going to meet a character called the Kevbot, a robot as close to a human being as you will ever get.
So who are the bad guys in EENDAG? It is here where we would like to make you aware of two characters, Malman Uyz and Muyz.
After all that Kevin Sweefarend has been through, the last thing he wanted or expected was for the Kronobot to come right back into his life. However, that is precisely what happens...
Welcome to the EENDAG puzzle! Our story will come together short bit by short bit until a great epic is revealed...
A technological-looking creature rised from within the city of London today, and continued to make a few apparently paranoid maneuvres, asif fleeing from something or someone.
The EENDAG time travelling robot, or "Kronobot" (pronouned Kron-oh-bawt), has a sporty new look.
MooiFlieks, the team behind the EENDAG culture, has announced today that it shall make EENDAG more accessible to English speakers who are interested to join in the fantastic world of EENDAG.
Do you think your day is busy? Well, wait until you learn what Kevin Sweefarend all has to fit in into a morning! Fortunately, he does have help from Sekretarisbot. That's his robot secretary he built himself. Yes, he's very smart.
Now for a more romantic episode of EENDAG... or is it a horror flick? Well, it's both I guess. It's a scary night on the EENDAG set, but that doesn't mean that one can't awaken some romance to brighten up the atmosphere!
Have you ever awakened in a place that you do not recognize? Often you say? Uh-oh, doesn't sound good. Well, let's assume you haven't and that it's still something special if it's not an alcohol-related incident.
Time for a musical. Yay! We all need more musicals in our lives. And that's what Isadôra Gramofoon Sweefarend thought too when she decided to combine her two passions, music and storywriting, into a beautiful masterwork.
So who is the bad guy in the movie series EENDAG? Well, we meet them now: Malman Uys and his grandson Muyz. They look scary!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!
Time passes on the sundial in Kevin's garden. How he would love to know one day how time works! If he knew how time works, he would be able to sort out his life and get all his business in order.
Kevin suddenly hears piano music. It's Mom at her piano. He knows her sound so well. How he has missed her playing! If he has ever heard it before. Has he? He must have!
Wouldn't it be grand to just ring up your mother and say "Mother, I made it!". Meaning of course that you're going to be on television regularly now. Like a news anchor and actress. Well, that's what happens to Mev. T.V. Beeldradio (her whacky stage name) in this instalment of EEND...
" It's early in the morning. My typewriter stands waiting for me on the table. Together, the two of us practise the art of writing." In the first chapter of this book, we see Jakstein and his faithful friend, Snuf Blaffelaar, still sleeping for some last few minutes before their beds...
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