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I know what i should be doing to stay on track with my writing and my attempts to earn online and as much as i try it seems my efforts are not yielding the results i want them to. When i joined this site and a few others 2 years ago, i was so committed and consistent but the story ha...
To achieve a goal required a sacrifice such as money, times and efforts, but the value of the sacrifice depends on our appreciation to the goal itself
Earning online income has become a craze among many people these day's and though there is online income from many sites, people do struggle in finding a legit way of earning. Planning for online income does require lot of time and also dedication on your part and if you are able to s...
When we are confident enough, we can achieve great heights in life. Then it is also very important to keep our aim very high so that we could achieve something more than our normal effort. We should never let our confidence down at any testing point of our life
A short event in the history which is described for a success in life, a motivational story.
Cross-stitching is one of the embroidery stitches taught to students in their Home Economics Class. Through the years, I saw my Mother doing this during her past time and began to like it and later on, I was also engrossed making my own artwork.
Man must work to accomplish everything, because nothing is given. If we remember that there is no true handout, our lives will be the better for it, although we will sweat to get there!
In whatever manner we consistently spend our time, talents, and resources will be how we will also ~ in turn ~ receive. As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night.
Ever thought of taking a mountain vacation? I highly recommend visiting the Swiss Alps, and seeing this little beauty spot, which I am sure sure is sill as picturesque today as it was when we visited it more than a quarter of a century ago. How do you describe a landscape so immense? ...
What was the most unforgettable gift that you ever received? Who gave it to you?
No matter what situation we face there will always be another road
Explaining and sharing ideas about forgiving and forgetting. Explaining hatred and problems.
The unexpected pruning of the affairs of life may bring realities beyond our choice. Listen for the inner voice when reality goes by, grab ahold, and travel along, by giving it your best.
Yes one has to be in control no matter what in ones life situation
I'm not June Cleaver and I'm not Bree Van De Camp. I am not a Stepford Wife. But I do believe my home is less stressful because there is small stuff I don't sweat. Clean towels are one of those things. Read on to learn more...
This article gives the importance of Individual Efforts
Make sure your computer is safe condition of a suspicious program, do your internet network security settings, making it difficult to penetrate by the hijackers in the email.
Money and time management is not at all easy for anyone and art of money management and time management will take one to success in life
Life is a funny thing for it follows its own rules. Often it follows no rules at all. There is no way to predict what twists and turns it takes.
To get that measure of success, on has to be aware of the changing environment and find way to endure any stimuli.
Apple is always had been famous for placing copyright infringement on others but it is seldom that it fails but now it had failed in china regarding iPad trademark.
Censoring internet is one way to block content by government so that people can’t reach it. Content which is available online is watched by official and any content against government or improper content is censored. In one word if you try to open social networking site like Facebo...
Being in love never seemed so easy and difficult all at the same time! The oxymoron of love...
How often we say let it be decided by fate, one also has to take some control of one's destiny
A racing driver runs his final (by choice) race. I love this poem.
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