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Egypt has always been leading the charge of progression in Africa. This is simply a look back at how it began and how it got to it's current state.
At seventeen years of age Joseph is clearly his father's favorite son, which does not endear him to his brothers. Being a Tattletale and a dreamer causes the cauldron to boil over.
Fantasy films and films based on ancient mysteries often lead us into a world far from our everyday lives and we get so engrossed in them. Remembering one such movie which takes us to such a world.
The people are angry with Moses because they have no water but once again their God comes through for them.
God provides food for his people in the wilderness but also tests them to see if they are ready to trust him.
The Children of Israel rejoice and praise the Lord their God wh has saved them from the Egyptians.
The Last of the plagues brings the death of all the firstborn in Egypt, both man and beast. The children of Israel leave Egypt but are pursued bu Pharaoh's armies.
God now sends Locusts in great numbers to destroy the little vegetation left by the hail. This is followed by three days of darkness in Egypt.
The plagues come thick and fast now but a stubborn pharaoh refuses to let the children of Israel go and sacrifice to the Lord their God.
Moses and Aaron try to persuade pharaoh to let the descendants of Jacob go on a three day journey into the wilderness to worship the Lord.
God calls Moses and tells him that he is to lead his people out of Egypt and back to the land of Canaan.
This article is devoted to the historical ousting of Egypt's President Mubarak. It was a pivotal point in history.
This is the first part of a new series based on the Biblical book of Exodus.
Joseph's brothers are sent to his house where he dines with them. He becomes emotional upon seeing Benjamin.
Jacob and all his family move to Egypt where they settle in the land of Goshen.
When Joseph’s brothers arrive in Egypt he recognizes them immediately but they of course, don't know him.
As second in Command in Egypt Joseph is very prudent during the seven prosperous and many storehouses are filled with grain as a precaution against the dry spell that had been foretold.
When Pharaoh has a dream that none of his wise men can interpret, the chief butler remembers Joseph and he is summons to appear before the king.
This is just a short review of three famous historical couples in literature and or in history.
The practice of female genital mutilation still goes on in parts of the African world. It is time this procedure is stopped.
Joseph is a slave in Egypt but God is with him and makes everything that he does to prosper.
Judah marries and has three sons but God is angry and slays his eldest son, whereupon Judah demands that the second son marry his bother's widow.
Abraham and Sarah have a son in their old age and name him Isaac. Sarah insists that Ishmael and Hagar must leave as she does not want the son of the bondwoman growing up with Isaac.
Most people know that much of the events of the bible took place in Iraq. Before the time of Abraham, the ancient Israelites, a nomadic people was not yet known as the Hebrew nation. This article discusses the similarity of bible stories to Babylonian stories.
Here we meet Abram or Abraham as he is later known, probably the most important figure in the book of Genesis.
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