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Once when you were young, you won your town the race. They cheered you throughout the market square; Men and boys stood around, cheering and home they brought you on shoulders high...
The Elderly are often left in Care Homes to forge for themselves. We forget these people are our elders and because they raised us and took care of us, we do have an obligation and responsibility to ensure they are being taken care of, not left alone to wither away in their loneliness...
There are many people who influenced my life in addition to my loving parents. While there are several that come to mind, it is the older women who stand out most. .
Caring for our elderly parents is an indispensable duty, especially if they suffer with health problems or prolonged illnesses.
Tea Party Republicans and the GOP regulars are demanding deep cuts in Medicare that would essentially end the program, yet they're not willing to lift a finger to close tax loopholes for millionaires. There will be what I believe A Great Out Cry!
It has never occurred to me how a life of an old priest would have been spent after their supposedly retirable years. It was never in my mind until one time when I was flipping through channels on tv and saw this.
Not all people may have their time or really even bother to take care of their elders because of their busy schedule and low "tolerance" to an elder's weird behavior. And not all daughters in law would give support to their in laws when they become sick....but I did. I wanted to help ...
It is almost unavoidable for an old age person to come across several types of social isolation in his/her last part of life. As age advances, more and more old age people incline to feel lonely in their life.
Many think that old age is as a stage of life where people undergo a physical and mental deterioration. To help the increasing older populace, we must prevent the sickness and help old people with health preserving support and avert further ill health.
Caregiving is a passion. Some people have it and some people don't. But for those that do, you can't help but give the elderly your best care.
I wrote this poem through the elderly's eyes, their point of view. Remember one day we might live to be their age if the good Lord willingly.
“Learning acquired in youth arrests the evil of old age; and if you understand that old age has wisdom for its food, you will so conduct yourself in youth that your old age will not lack for nourishment.” - Leonardo da Vinci
Depression is a serious disease that goes unnoticed. It is increasing in great number due to the modern changes in lifestyle. It is very important to treat this disease, especially in older people.
This article is about the generation gape which gives good things if we use it in a good manner.
The abuse of elders by caretakers is a worldwide issue. In 2002, the work of the World Health Organization brought international attention to the issue of elder abuse. Over the years, government agencies and community professional groups, worldwide, have specified elder abuse as a soc...
How an affordable plastic container that stores multi-medicines weekly can reduce inconvenience for patients, particularly the elderly folk.
This page is about taking care of elders. We must give our utter most to our parents
here is a page to do with the elderly and how we all should take care of them as they have us in the past.
This is an example of special terms used by senior citizens or about them
Information about elderly alcoholism assistance and detox.
The heated public discussion, debate and even drama over gay rights, especially marriage, masks the fact that throughout our society there are groups of people, namely the disabled, who suffer far more than your average LGBT person. Why are they forgotten? Discrimination is discrimina...
Two older women, who are best friends, sit outside a posh waterfront restaurant. As they discuss what they might have for dinner, their conversation takes a turn for the worst and they began to plan their last supper.
One advantage of a capsule dosage form is its fast relief. But, in the case of ibuprofen, can a capsule form of this medicine be advisable for use? These are facts about ibuprofen as a capsule type - its efficacy and safety. Read on.
If you take care of your parents at the time that they are already old, then your children will do the same to you when you grow old.
When your elderly parents and children live in the same house how do you balance the caring process?
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