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If Akhilesh can convince Mayawati, his aunt (bua) to join the Mahagatbandhan, leaving aside all their differences, there could be a formidable alliance to take on Narendra Modi’s NDA.
Elections. The biggest business of all in the guise of voting for our "leaders". When I saw the clips of the "60 Minutes" focus groups on politics for this 2016 election, I realized how timely my thoughts really are on this, so, I will put them down on the screen.
It is for the first time that two political adversaries of Bihar, Nitish Kumar & Lalu Prasad Yadav,hitherto sworn enemies in Indian Politics for nearly two decades, joined hands and came together to fight Narendra Modi and BJP in Bihar. The caste arithmetic they formed eventually won ...
To many the choice is stark. To me it's a choice not between the lesser of two evils, but the evil of two lessers.
Don't be convinced that you must vote for Hillary Clinton this year even if you don't care for her candidacy.
People have been propagandized into thinking that by voting things will change. Is that true? This article bears the truth about voting.
Lobbying can be divided into three different pathways : the optimisation of the economic activities, the social representation and the political representation. These three intertwined paths are extensively traversed in the course of a career.
A quick diagnosis on controversial answer of Philippines Presidentiable Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte in the telecast Debate.
The 2016 Presidential primary is one of the most corrupt political elections in our nations history.
there's a glimmer of hope that the sunshine of reason can prevail making certain that our time lies simply ahead.
It is this Presidential primary season that has been ripe with corruption favoring one candidate right from the beginning.
In this letter, I ask a question of Hillary Clinton supporters, and it basically boils down to: Why on earth would you vote for her?
When Bernie Sanders can win state caucuses by fifty and sixty point margins, yet lose primaries in the same section of the country by similar margins, a red flag of suspicion is raised very high.
A dumbed-down electorate, brainwashed by corporate media, devoid of any capacity for critical thinking, will vote for its own oppression every time.
The 2016 Presidential campaign is already being rigged in favor of the establishments favorite son and in this case favorite woman.
Here I stand at the cardboard voting booth thingie. Well, it's not really a voting booth, but more of a cardboard desk with a flap in front for privacy. I like cardboard furniture. I wish I could have one of these. Ok let's see... I unroll the ballot papers.
Voting... what's the bloody use? In the end, cadres of the ANC who run the "Independent Electoral Commission" (IEC) are going to work it so that the ANC "miraculously" wins by some insane majority. Oh well, I guess going to vote at least gives them something to do: Having to manipu...
Our federal election is tomorrow Oct 19, 2012. It will be a tight race. This election is causing voter stress because many people just do not know who to vote for.
An open letter to one of the front runners for the next US Presidency- Mr. Donald Trump, sharing some personal views and a request to get certain things done that would not only benefit him, but Millions others as well
The main stream media has become corrupt and won't focus on the real important issues that face millions of Americans every day.
This article is dedicated to the late great Canadian politician, Jack Layton.
Political commentators could serve a very useful function by educating the voters of America about how government affects our daily lives.
A political season with the flow of money comes the power and control.
it is the Venice of the east. the blue sea adorned the land and lull it always in its passionate waves. in my childhood the sea was honoured with a bridge made of cast iron. but now it is ruined and decanted a painful memory
Hillary Clinton, the probable nominee of the Democratic Party, would beat any of here prospective opponents handily were the election held today.
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