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A method to make Printed circuit boards for use at home/workshop, with the added benefit of being able to keep using the etching solution repeatedly, and not having to throw it away every time.
The supernatural events that occurred thirty-five years ago on the lonely, Indiana highway are believed to be nothing more than a visit from one of the members of the Methodist Church that set up camp in the nearby Acton Campground, established in 1859. The "lady in black" was seen by...
Faraday Porteur electric bicycle, and following a successful Kickstarter campaign started 3 years back, right now the e bike hit the market. The e-bike available in British racing green and classic white.
Have you ever wondered where this value of "Pi" (π) is 3, 14 and or 22/7 come from? Is it just a guess or obtained by trial and error? Some Mathematicians even spent their whole lives investigating this constant. So why is this constant so special?
Nano-science refers to the study of objects that are very small in size of Nano-meters. While Nano-technology is the engineering technology that implements the findings of Nano-science.
The sophistication of technology today's, has increased so quickly. All we can find in just a second. Even before our eyes blink the data that we are looking for are already provided. Data transformation was processed so quickly. For example, when we send a short message (SMS), a data...
Some people think that replacing a three-way light switch is too complicated to tackle themselves. This article will walk you through it step by step.
Many otherwise adept DIY persons shy away from tackling electrical projects because electricity scares them. The fear of electricity is a natural fear. Most people are afraid of things invisible that can kill them. Anyone can learn to work with electricity and those fears diminish as ...
Being a firefighter, I have responded to hundreds of fire calls in my work as a fireman in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, this is one of the fire calls we encountered.
Electric cars We all want to save on fuel so either we sacrifice distance or share costs as reliability can't be compromised at all
Want to make your disposable battery long lasting? Then, try these simple tips to make the disposable battery long lasting when you use it.
The electric eels’ sparks..This is poetry composed as i watched fish mating
Ever wonder why algebra and letters are used in maths? especially in engineering? and how on earth are the formulas used and why do they change? Here are some of the very basics of formulas and easy transposition.
Marriage has its humorous moments for sure. This moment just had to be captured as a humorous memory in my own marriage.
This page is about a person who is Living Without Electricity for many years
This article gives the ways to reduce our EB Bill.
This article is about the frequent power failures and power problems in my place
This page is about saving Electricity by using new home appliances as well as giving more tips to save EB bil
All electrical wire is not created equal. Knowing what wire to use for a given project is necessary for the successful completion of the project, use the wrong type of wiring and the electrical inspector will “Red Flag” your project. Use the wrong type of wire and you may expose y...
Power tariff hike is a matter of whims, not a rationale in Bangladesh- Dilemma between people and Government
As electricity and water prices rise due to the current economic situation we have in England it is important or sometimes even required that we try to save money. I have included some tips and tricks for doing this with Water and Electricity.
One way to save money is to keep our purchases worth. It can be done through proper care of home electrical appliances to prolong its useful years, and find ways to reduce the energy cost. Here are some practical ways on certain appliances.
There are a variety of specialized capacitors for various applications
Common causes of fire incidents are faulty electrical wirings, careless cooking, unattended children playing with matches, and appliances related fire incidents. Emergency preparedness at home should be a top priority that one of the things people normally forget. Protect yourself, y...
Know the safety tips when using a power tools. Tools and equipment must be in good condition to prevent injuries.
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