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A guide on fitting and electrical shower in your home yourself. Saving on builder costs!
How to become aware of and shrink your Carbon Footpring
Saving electricity will not make you rich but it will save your costs and prevent power shortages and blackouts in the community. Also, it’s important to remember that with increase in population, the demand for electricity and its price are on a sky high. However, we all can do our...
Just relax and enjoy this sensation that runs through your veins.
Nothing is more important to, you, the HUman race, at this point in your events than to “understand” your history upon this once new earth, for in doing so “you will succeed” with the help of others to set yourselves free. How is this? Because the bondage the Hellions have ove...
Science has developed in the recent past and has brought a great change in our living.Like every area has got its pros and cons with it, the development in science has got both positive and negative impact on people.Such a technology in the present day development is the Escalator.
The company "Tesla" will launch a new product in late April, recently announced the CEO and founder of the company, billionaire inventor Elon Musk, not revealing anything more.
It's Thursday morning and Max is eager to start the day. On Monday he is leaving for the farm to be with Danielle. It doesn't give him much time. He's made a lot of good friends during these trying times and he wants them to continue to be part of his life. There's Miss Renee, Bobby...
Know what you can do during this hour for the planet that deserves to have a rest.
A study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) and Hunan University in China has revealed some hidden benefits of EVs, regardless of where the electricity originates.
For consumers today, some terms like “tariff” occasionally come up when it comes to imports or exports, consumer items and, as of late, electrical usage. Tariffs then get imposed on electricity based on consumption as shown on their baselines.
A wheel is the rudimentary for any invention since advancement of civilization. This post tells it.
The sophistication of technology today's, has increased so quickly. All we can find in just a second. Even before our eyes blink the data that we are looking for are already provided. Data transformation was processed so quickly. For example, when we send a short message (SMS), a data...
LED lights or stands for "LIGHT EMITTING DIODE" is an indicator light in electronic devices usually have a function to indicate the status of the electronic device. For example, on a computer, there is a power LED and LED indicators for the processor, or the monitors are also power L...
If we want the world for the better, we've to start changing ourselves.
Cloud mining to minimise the cost efforts to establish, it is new concept in bit coin mining.
Many otherwise adept DIY persons shy away from tackling electrical projects because electricity scares them. The fear of electricity is a natural fear. Most people are afraid of things invisible that can kill them. Anyone can learn to work with electricity and those fears diminish as ...
What we have done before we were always able to do, it is our awareness that brings us forward.
Eco-Friendly cars help to save the environment by producing less or no carbon emissions. They help to reduce the carbon foot print of each and every individual using an eco-friendly car. Electric cars and Hybrid cars are two eco-friendly cars that help to save the environment. Read on...
Electric cars We all want to save on fuel so either we sacrifice distance or share costs as reliability can't be compromised at all
The electric eels’ sparks.Some of my poems were composed as early as in 2009 hence may not match up Please do bear...
When the electricity goes off it is amazing how we miss it when everything we do pretains to having electricity on all the time.
The electric eels’ sparks..This is poetry composed as i watched fish mating
We take things for granted. We don't realise how dependent we have become on modern amenities until we are forced to live without them. This is what happened to me this warm and sunny afternoon.
Science experiments can be a fun way to keep kids interested in learning. These experiments explain how electricity is all around us and teach kids the basic principles of static electricity.
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