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Animals, whether land, sea, and air, do not distinguish between confinement in a small area and that within a great number of acres of space allotted for them by their human captors. They know their freedom is as limitless a space as the universe! - Jamie
From time immemorial, humans discovered creative, albeit cruel, ways to harness the power of animals, from pulling a cart or carriage to carrying a load of goods, merchandise, and others, more often beyond their strength and endurance - Jamie SR Cortez
Are you a fan of the magnificent elephant? Do you know they are very close to becoming extinct? The poachers are out in force killing elephants and taking their ivory and making piles of money off them. Here is the story of how it can be stopped and why people hate it.
Here is what a circus looks like truly behind the scenes.
The Muslim army brought in new concepts in the India and the Hindu kings though brave were defeated, as they never had a strategic concept and their army was slow and their army was slow and slugish
How New York is attempting to improve the wa they treat animals. Just letting the circus is the only problem. But they are truly trying.
The article speaks about the brilliant elephant orphanage at Pinawela in Sri Lanka. It is a sensation for the foreign tourists.
For Jessie Bells, Kales the Magnificent And Jteetle whom I love to moon and back.
This is a synopsis of my poetry book for children. It includes some of the first poetry I wrote. I decided to put these poems in a collection and self publish them.
Bangkok is famous for the huge safari world it has. The article speaks about the brilliant painting that is done by the elephants in the Safariworld.
Communication has been the basis for human existence as well as animals in their habitat. It is the information we sent and the feedback we received that constitute communication. In the animal kingdom it is important as well. The following article tells more on this.
Part I of a long motorcycle journey from Cape Town, South Africa, through Namibia and the Caprivi Strip to Livingstone in Zambia, an international heritage studies conference, and home via Botswana, Gordonia, and Great Bushmanland.
A tale about lions in india and a man who recues them
Kabini is located Karnataka and Kerala border in western ghats, Nagarhole national park with numerous winged creatures, buffaloes, peacocks and several attractions including water safari.
The poachers are hacking the Elephants with blades and taking tusks, killing 11 elephants to sell the ivory in the market.
Read about elephant training and capture in India. Discover how the pachyderm is used by the humans.
A tale of a farmer who pulled a spirits hair and was so bound to a curse
Lawrence Anthony, the "elephant whisperer," has passed, and the elephants he saved have come to mourn his death.
The Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home was established in 1995 by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation, and its primary objective is to rehabilitate orphaned elephant calves into the wild.
A tale of a mysterious man with skin like wood who asks a midwife to help his wife give birth in the middle of the night, but the children and the request are more then what they seem and the old midwife is in for a small adventure.
Ajria has given up a life of crime but takes a challange but is wronged so must think up a way to get what he deserves.
A tail of orphans who are abandoned and how one little girl finds love
Elephants have a special place in Hindu religion and they also take part in temple rituals
As a tourist I was eager for an elephant ride while in Phuket, Thailand. Since then I’ve considered the positive and negative aspects of this tourist attraction.
elephants are very gentle & social animals & i am impressed by them a lot. they show us that life is not about power but about living good.
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