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Rather than concentrating on burning issues of the day, our world leaders are working at cross purposes to bring each other down. Pursuing such a way of approach goes only to unify their citizens behind the uncompromising than elect the right leaders to fight the biggest battle we fac...
Loving without borders and waiting for immediate returns or favors is the key to a better world. Why not we take the logical step than waiting endlessly for others to do so? It is time to be less judgmental and do what comes naturally to us to make a better world.
We have many choices in life. We have own passions and comfort zones. We need to keep them in mind so that our lives are rewarding and enriching.
Change in our lifestyles is going at a faster clip. Can we pause and ponder where we are headed for or just allow ourselves to be led wherever we end up? Time to make a choice.
Many are unhappy at workplaces due to negative attitude of few who spread doom and gloom around them. The majority should assert so that they do not have to put up with such obnoxious elements that impact the general workplace.
Many people seek balance in their lives. It is certainly a worthwhile aspiration but is best regarded as a direction rather than as a destination. No one is in perfect balance nor were we meant (or built) to be.
There is this girl he loves, but seems like love for him slips through his fingers... what he gonna do??
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