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Earlier this year, the world of music was looking forward to celebrating the 91st birthday of Chuck Berry last month.
While he died over 30 years ago, Elvis Presley has a new album coming out next month.
Elvis Presley has been gone for over 35 years; but his legacy remains in the form of numerous impersonators...but one stands out far above the crowd as the Ultimate Elvis...Brandon Bennett.
What happens when two guys from different cultures come together for a little comedy? Williams and Ree!
This is a list of 50 little-known facts about entertainer Elvis Presley.
Information on crooner Steven Chera who sings in the key of Jazz.
We visited Graceland recently...the home of Elvis Presley. It is a neat experience standing at his grave and thinking about all he did for rock and roll.
This is a rare combination of a brunette model and an Irish 'Dancing Fox' in their rendition of one of the hit songs of the late Rock N Roll legend. Try it.
Why label art as a source of self-harm if not discern good from the bad things. Musical entertainment for every man. Music is not only focused on the creation of works of art and even songs sound of the birds in the forest can also be categorized as a musical nature.
Elvis would have turned 79 years old this year and it seems like he would have been a wise old grandpa. Check out some of these wise quotes by the King of Rock-n-Roll.
This is a summary of things that you can find and see and enjoy while you're on vacation the Memphis Tennessee.There's many things to do in Memphis Tennessee, from nightlife the family events such as the FedEx forum visiting Graceland. Museums are also found in Memphis like the pink ...
The Time Traveling Invention created by Nikola Tesla is found by writer Carla Herrera and her daughter Gloria. They use it to bring several famous people back, with both expected and unexpected results.
The second Chapter in my "The Magic that was" music series, this time I look at Movie themes, join me on my trip to the cinema.
"Gladness of meadows, ill weeds, children of flowers, mad deeds, bitter of fathers, iron glove. Winds are carrying the love..."
Rock 'n' roll is the archetypal American music, but it didn't emerge in a vacuum. Rock 'n' roll was the product of earlier American musical forms. Rock represents the point where white and black music blended together. The early pioneers of rock 'n' roll were influenced by blues, rhyt...
Loving Elvis Presley Is One Thing Being Obsessed With Him Is Quite Another
Resembling someone famous might get your noticed, but then what?
The article highlights the legacy of King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.
We take a look at the life and times of Elvis Presley, and a quick look at his horoscope as well.
Yes, I would have given a lot to be in the company of such beauties as Benny Hill!" - I thought accidentally looking through amateur photo in the Spanish resort of Marbella. But suddenly I discovered that all Spanish women on photo - it's my hotel staff who looks so inaccessible durin...
These are some of the Famous People Who Died On January 8th in history
Famous People Who Died On December 20th Brittany Murphy, John Steinback, Sacagawea, Roy O. Disney, Bobby Darin
On 16th August it is 33 years since the King of Rock died, but he is unforgettable. Here is my trbute to him.
Articles and poetry should be written with great flavor. A discussion about how writers can think of colors as flavors and make every thing they write turn out inspiring.
This article discusses whether history is repeating itself with the death of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.
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