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Keeping your own personality when you write stories is very special. Be a Cheeto while the rest of the planet is full of Fruit Loops.
Realizing that his friend is emotionally troubled but not yet ready to discuss his problems, Andrew consoles Felipe. Their last night together at the boarding house is not however, without incident.
Felipe comes to trust Andrew but continues to beat up on himself.
A day with no exams means more time together for Andrew and Felipe.
Andrew realizes that that sometime is bothering Felipe and hopes to get him to talk about it but all to no avail as Felipe remains silent.
Felipe spends the summer watching the other boys swim and getting angry with himself for being different. In September he returns to school and becomes friends the only other person in his class - a girl.
I am always right, except for when I'm wrong! How awkward is that?
You know how embarrassing it can be when you oversleep and miss a deadline, and the good natured teasing you may get due to it? I'm sure we have all been there one time or another..This happened to a dear friend of mine and this was my humorous Shakespearean poetic scribe to his poor ...
Kids really do say the darnedest things and with 5 children I have been embarrassed by their mouths many times... Im only posting a few here. enjoy
OK so this is my most embarrassing moment... Oh there have been plenty of them but this is the one that still makes me blush. The one that even after thirty years I remember this feeling of sheer and complete humiliation like it was yesterday. Ya know like when you wish the floor w...
Remember that TV series, 'Some Mothers Do Have Them' - I think all parents feel like that from time to time.
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