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Keeping your own personality when you write stories is very special. Be a Cheeto while the rest of the planet is full of Fruit Loops.
Felipe finds employment and agrees to continue living with his cousin and her family. Jordan and Felipe face a dilemma.
An embarrassing incident that occurred in my sister's life some time ago. You may like to read it and smile.
I am always right, except for when I'm wrong! How awkward is that?
This is a true story of a embarrassing event in my life which I believe affected me deeply.
Often we come across people, who though disgusting in their personal habits, cannot be wished away. A tricky handling of the situation can save them from feeling embarrassed and us from feeling discomfort as well.
Cold is common. It need not make you embarrassed or empty your energy of life. Cold is to mould your health and strengthen your immunity power. You can solve this common cold problem easily with home remedies or herbs that are commonly found around you.
You may not know what your pet cat is thinking when it just sits comfortably in a corner, pretending that nothing had happened even though after it had failed to catch the bird that just flew by which ran away from its clutches second ago.
Children at my daughters Primary school are constantly bringing forbidden items such as money, mobile phones and make-up. Last week my eyes nearly popped out of my head when my daughter told me what her classmate brought in to share with the class.
Poverty often puts people in embarrassing situations. I have two real stories to support this--one is a little bit funny, the next one, not so funny.
I was in the Hospital and then My professor told me of a patient who was in Coma for 2 weeks, but is back alive. I visited this patient and ask how it was like to be in coma. Then she said "It is like a battle between two worlds, Life and Death, coming back or forging ahead, and what ...
Haiku Poetry, where just a few words can leave very impressionable images
Erving Goffman, one of the leading sociologists of the 20th century wrote many groundbreaking books and articles. This review examines his book "Interaction Ritual", and examines behavior in social situations.
The wonder of the common trouser zip..A true innovation when it first came to light...but oh how embarrassing when it all goes wrong....I am so sure that there are guys out there that could relate to this....hahaha...
One of my friends has tiny red dots on her cheek, but they are not acne.
Beyonce's embarrassing shot never fails to make me smile.
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