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What is Parental Alienation? Is your child being used as a pawn in divorce? Are you an adult child who was turned against one of your parents? Read the symptoms, causes, and support that comes with Parental Alienation.
This is based on the true story of a woman who experienced verbal and emotional abuse and manipulation, no blow was thrown, she was never hit but the effects of what she went through were probably as bad.
The struggles of taking over the care of your grandchildren are vast but the love they need are worth it.
To my siblings. A quick word to them to say I know he treated you terribly and unjust but the story I am telling is from my own point of view to the things he did towards me and i'm not obligated to discuss your personal experiences with our father to the world. But to the world, it i...
Connecting to your inner child can be one of the most important personal growth steps you can take. Here are tips to connect with and nurture your inner child.
Can the destruction of someone's mental and emotional well being truly kill a person? Can the effects of this destruction cause a weakened state of heart and mind? I know the answers....I have died and been reborn.
Discusses how to let go of control and fear in order to learn to set appropriate boundaries, enforce them and accept the outcome.
It's time to shed light on the emotional and mental abuse aspect of a domestically violent and abusive relationship.
Everyone has heard of self-esteem. We basically know what it means. But have you really ever thought about it? What effects it can have on someone's life. Have you experienced very low self-esteem at some point in your life? Are you here because you want to work on improving yours or ...
Have you ever felt so alone and abandoned by a guy you thought you loved, the father of your child, a guy that promised you the world and ledt you feeling alone and hurt with a child to raise on your own well this is the poem for you!
This article gives the ways to come out from unwanted lusts and Control your Emotions
How to leave a toxic relationship with the greatest safety for the kids
How to deal with a man who strikes a woman and to consider the well-being of the children
short story of Mala who has a husband who gives her everything except fidelity - she plans a revenge
Prevention of domestic violence is the most important way we can stop violence in our community. Many people do not understand that domestic violence is both physical and emotional. Use this article to prevent domestic violence and bully behavior before it is too late.
Types of abuse and afflictions flourish in this world. The web world has become a virtual abuse-fest for cyberbullies and other cybercriminals. Abusers of every type, have found a new way to hurt innocent people. Why do I care and why do I speak out so passionately in defense of victi...
Psychological abuse, also referred to as emotional abuse, is a form of abuse characterized by a person subjecting or exposing another to behavior that may result in psychological trauma, including anxiety, chronic depression or post traumatic stress disorder.
Dealing with separation is hard on anyone but especially hard on children.My son is at the age when a boy needs his father,to help him get over the hump of approaching adolesence.
Abuses most of the time are directed against women. Studies show that there is no way of knowing the actual statistics of abusive relationship since only small percentage come into the open. Psychiatrist revealed that women who stay in an abusive relationship for long time suffer f...
There is a growing concern of an increase in narcissistic personality traits amongst today's youth. This may be the case, but we must still ask ourselves how this has come about and what does this mean?
different types of child abuse. It is about prevention and the effects on the child. Also, what to do and not to do if a child tells you that he or she is being abuse.
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