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Some believe recess is a waste time regardless of the fact there is no practical evidence to support this claim however; there is sufficient research that recess has beneficial effects on children’s mental and physical health.
Science Soul and Emotion We are all along our lives in state of perpetual wonderment what is life emotion and its philosophy
Early in child years through my youth to my adult years I have discovered that I have had learn life lessons the hard way. Story shares a brief experiences of what I have had learned through the years of my life. Sad times as well as my ups and down, hardship and grief moments of my l...
Keeping your own personality when you write stories is very special. Be a Cheeto while the rest of the planet is full of Fruit Loops.
In every life adversity is encountered at some point in time. It is important to have a high tolerance for ambiguity or lack of clarity. Sometimes we follow instructions that we thought were given but learn much later ~ after the adversity ~ that the exact opposite was true.
Pure emotion is something unique that makes you feel happy or sad or astonish and these pure emotions are very important to our lives because it adds the color to our lives.
Recently,I had a discussion with one of my friends who was being so attached to the surroundings,nature,living and non-living things that I had to counsel about acceptance of true nature as such.
This piece provides a brief description of the nature of humans explained through the example of man who is splashed by a car on his way to work. I am hoping it will give you an understanding of psychology and how psychologists help their clients.
Even when we might forget about it for a while, we are all an important part of something bigger than us.
After thinking this vacation has been going rather well, and that my initial fears of this vacation being a test of enduring of negative emotions and wishing it was over wouldn't come to pass, I'm afraid lately it seems we are right back to what I had feared.
The more outgoing and social you are the better your chances of keeping away heart diseases
Ever had one of those moments when you couldn't get song lyrics out of your head
We manage to retrace our steps from the brink of another world war though our innate urge to tempt fate is alive and well reminding of an elephant’s mock charge! The challenges of pursuing our scientific progress while reining our destructive tendency can be met by finding meaning t...
Almost everyone has a desire to be well ~ not just physically ~ but mentally and emotionally also. Many also want to be financially free to the extent possible. To accomplish this, one generally has to be willing to pay a high price in terms of time invested into getting the knowle...
In war and love a soldier spends his night in deep thoughts.His heart mind and soul captured by love.
We are born with varied passions, emotions, but manage to survive through reasoning and logic. Our Creator is everywhere balancing His act through nature. His is a thankless job of cleaning up after us and providing the basics for our survival. Are we worthy of such love and sacrifice...
Depression is a mental condition that affects the whole body. Depression cripples a life. Depression makes it very difficult for their brains to do even the simplest tasks such as deciding what to eat for their next meal.
This article was written in June of 2005, in response to a nasty individual on another writing site who constantly trashed my work.
This is just four little poems for a Tuesday afternoon...Just faces in the crowd.
Because sometimes the right love, the right soul mate, is an addiction.
As someone who spends a lot of time alone, I tend to think and observe. This page sums up all of those thoughts and observations that somehow show you a part of my life :)
For someone very special that means a lot to me and that I love
Holding on to money can be tough, but it's not all math and dollar signs. Read on to learn how to account for the emotional component of money.
Some loves come, some go, but others stay forever in our hearts. Even if life takes them far apart the love will remain, everlasting in the hearts, for that kind of love will never be forgotten.
A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
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