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This is just four little poems for a Tuesday afternoon...Just faces in the crowd.
I was sitting in a coffee shop and watching people coming and going. Everybody seems to be happily coming and chatting, music on, apples and androids, tablets and touch screens and a cheerful environment. There is no such thing as worry/tension/depression which can be seen there and t...
These poems will speak of the spectrum of emotions.
Have you ever felt so alone and abandoned by a guy you thought you loved, the father of your child, a guy that promised you the world and ledt you feeling alone and hurt with a child to raise on your own well this is the poem for you!
This page describes the feelings of a person walking down the isle to meet his fiance. The aim is to give readers insight on the emotions that can run through the human heart on wedding day.
This song lyric was written when I was at a dark point in my life and a little ray of sunshine in human form was sent to me. The form and pattern of the verses was inspired by the beautiful rock ballad "In My Life Today" by Lenny Kravitz "Circus" 1995.
This artcle separates the physical from the psychological and emotional. In partcular it looks at the physical part (body language) from the mental and emotional aspect of a person's life and explores the idea that physical wellbeing isn't the same as emotional wellbeing.
Have you ever had one of those days when you would just like the world to go away? When you feel like the weight on your shoulders is pulling you down..And the thought of just walking away for a while, becomes the healing path that you choose....
Oceanic emotions I see in a tear drop! The nature of a tear drop born out of strong emotions is unpredictable. Sometimes any amount of consoling cannot pacify the strength of an emotion that shakes you with its vehemence.
My poetical feelings about my own feelings and how I wish to be understood
Expression through the medium of music, and melodic interpretation from the vocalist....She sings from the heart as only the best songs are...
The limits to what you are capable of, are in place with your own consent. Discovering your true potential, is little further than a thought away.
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