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Past and present of a wonderful European city that would make an amazing holiday destination.
Do you risk your life taking sex stimulents? Or are you taking a risk?
The people who desperately want to take over the Chinese Government are hiding behind a group of students. When the Europeans grouped up to wallop China, these people's grand parents were assisting the Western powers!
This is based on Chinese history, regarding how the bootlickers assisted the foreigners to wallop China, and how they wanted to convert the whole nation to their faith.
This is a profound piece of how actions in one lifetime are played out in future times. I am a participant in this action just as many participate in actions with their families...i hope this affords understanding for it is written with love...
In the mid 12th century a strong Serbian state was born. A new and holy dynasty was created.
Akbar was the son of Humayun. His mother was Hamida Banu. He was born in 1542 at Amorkot. He was left in the guardianship of Biaramkhan. Humayun died in 1556 and Hemu occupied the throne of Delhi.
How wonderful it is to fly with words across neverending much in the world to write about using words to pictures I have done enjoy....
Emperor Nero had a penchant for lusty encounters with whoever, whatever caught his eye. It mattered not he was a superior being or so he thought just as we have silly men and women today who feel the same about themselves...find them we do everywhere..
Soldiers are just gladiators for the rulers. That is why even the funds for martyrs at the border are being misused. Kings take honor of victory, enjoying the soldiers’ blood
A brief description of Zheng He's fleet and a small analysis why the Chinese never conquered Europe.
Emperor Asoka of India is regarded as one of the greatest rulers in the history of the world.
Once there was an Emperor who was very interested in clothes. He was always buying new outfits and he would spend hours chat­ting to tailors and weavers of cloth about which colors suited him best and which cloth was better for coats and which for trousers
Japan- The land of rich culture, Buddhist temples, beautiful places. Many people don't know Japan has many UNESCO world heritage sites which attracts tourists to this beautiful country. Read more to find about them.
Agra, also known as the city of Taj, is the first place Taj Mahal, Agra the itinerary of tourists coming to India from all around the world. This Guide will help you what to see more in this amazing city read further.
Constantine the great, the emperor of Rome from 325 to his death in 337, with citations.
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