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The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
How to get a job even despite the current economic climate.
What does your prospective employer look for in you. Read on to learn some alarming facts.
No one prevents you from choosing the employer that you wish to work for. Search for vital information about your prospective employers before you are shortlisted.
With difficult economic circumstances, more people than ever have long gaps in employment. Find out how to make yourself sound appealing to prospective employers nonetheless.
Some good reasons to leave a job, even if general economic circumstances seem unfavorable.
Controlling process is the daily task of every manager in this world, event though you are a CEO of an international organization or you are running a small business. When you think about a manager, your mind will link to the words “controlling people”. Every day, when a manager c...
One of the most important thing a manager need to remember is that people want to be recognize! He want to be identify by another people and he want his records are identified, rewarded.
Most Employers say they want their staff to respect them, however they behave in old style ways where they “boss” their employees around and belittle them. This does not earn you respect, and will result in negative employee actions, and a loss of productivity.
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