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Get a glimpse of evolution of employment law in UK from late 80's till now. How did these changes over period impacted related job-holders like employment solicitors.
Find out the latest 4 key-changes in employment law which will prove to be of interest to employment practitioners in UK.
As a small business owner, you know how difficult and demanding it is to get your business off the ground. The challenges range from finding a suitable location that will not bankrupt you, to attracting and retaining customers. Many small firms have gone under from the sheer weight of...
Uber is undergoing a class action lawsuit in CA. They will have their fate change forever after juries decide whether their drivers will be employees or independent contractor. What do you think as a driver or Uber or just critics? I think they're freelancer who needs protection like ...
Las Vegas nevada has the worst employment laws in the nation. I thought working in a communist country was more prideful. Why don't they just go back to stone age. Stop disrespecting employees and keeping it all for themselves.
In Saudi Arabia, the working days will start from Saturday through Thursday. The day off will fall during Friday. The normal working hours are also eight hours per day. The worker is also paid an extra amount of wage for over-time: working hours equals the wage he/she receives in a re...
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