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Employment News is the well-known weekly job journal of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. It was launched in the year 1976 and it was started to provide information on employment opportunities.
Once you have selected the right candidate for the right positions, you, as a manger, need to ensure that employees perform well.
The HR sets the direction and makes it easy for executing the work. Focused work improves productivity since they are more efficient. Therefore focused work gives the best return on investment.
It is easy to find help for employees; how to write an application, how to interview, and on and on. But what about the employer? With potential employees fighting each other for the best jobs, how do you make sure your job is one that the best candidates are fighting FOR? By givin...
How Choosing the Right Temporary Staffing Agency Can Ease Your Hiring Headaches.
As an employee you have rights under law that help make sure your working conditions are fair. But what are your rights? Read on and find out…
Employees are a very important part of any business as they can contribute to either its success or failure.It is therefore important to make sure that all the needs of the workforce are addresses in a good and timely manner
In every organization employees leave and join for various reasons. In this article you will find the exact reason why employees leave an organization.
Employee appreciation is very essential to boost performance of your employees.
Unemployed graduates must improve their skills in various ways to gain experience and get up to date knowledge.
This article is about maintaining a smooth relationship between the employee and the employer to get more production in an organization
How to get a job even despite the current economic climate.
Why it costs more to underpay employees than to overpay them.
What happens when a new and not particularly wise manager throws his weight around
The workplace is one such environment where individual differences and perceptions could easily lead to either overt or covert conflicts.
even before putting up a job opening, the employer already has some key things he needs from the prospective employee. what are those key things? they are not far-fetched.
Are considering leaving your current job? If you pursue a new career while still employed, you may receive what is known as a counter offer from your current employer. Many people then change their minds about changing jobs. This decision is not an easy one and there are many points t...
There is strong competition for the few available jobs in today's economy. Some employers have more than 100 applicants for one available position. Here are tips to interview better than your competition.
Making the proper balance between these several factors requires a consideration of each of them in tandem, and the basic factor may differ for different project.
Having trouble hunting down that job you crave? Having trouble hunting down ANY job? Here are some places you should start your search.
Here are four ways to stay strong in a weak economy.
Although some sites provide a way to block certain organizations from viewing your resume, these systems are not foolproof.There is no fail-safe way to protect the confidentiality of your employment record after you store it online. You can do things to protect yourself.
If you’re in a situation where you simply don’t see eye-to-eye with your boss, you have several options.
Wanting an unauthorised day off work calls for ingenuity on the part of the employee
What does your prospective employer look for in you. Read on to learn some alarming facts.
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