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The person you pay the most attention to is yourself. Everything you tell yourself, you believe beyond reasonable doubt. The sad part is, too many people talk negatively to themselves way too often.
"Motivation is a powerful tool that influences learning."
Old proverb with great meaning, Great encouragement and wisdom
A bit of a motivation piece for those who know they need to be working out, desire to work out, and don't have the self motivation they need in order to get the work out done.
Too often we humans have pity parties that causes us to waste our precious time. You see life is real, earnest, and fleeting. Wasted days and nights are not meant to be in our agenda. We have good things to do and accomplish, so we must be busy doing good and using our time wisely.
With All the Animals, Birds, and Creatures that God has Made, He still fills His Mind With Mankind
Since encouragement is important to get progress, so we must encourage our friends and family persons as much as we can to get success in their life.
According to experts, crawling is an exercise in coordination and balance that greatly benefits the baby and its development and growth. So not a bad idea for dads try to encourage you to start doing so.
There will be times when we face circumstances that put our faith to the test but in the end can produce in us an unshakeable trust in God and bring glory to a God who can do anything but fail.
A song about the highs and lows all being a part of life
Modern commercialized fast life has made many of us frustrated and dejected in life. Selfishness and unhealthy competitions have made life depressed and polluted. Man is trying hard to find ways and means for survival.
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