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The world situation is bleak, and a financial collapse (by design) is imminent. When that happens people must know what NOT to do in order prevent riots and anarchy in the streets. For the people it simply must be "Business as usual," only this time WITHOUT the apparent convenience...
With these words I have given us a bird's eye view of our situation, and in a nutshell have also given an idea of the nature of the help I came to offer humanity for a rescue out of a hopeless situation vi-a-vis the forces which at this time guarantee our slavery. If you like what y...
To rebuild a colony in an apocalyptic scenario it is important to understand the importance of politics.
Published in 1933, WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE is one of the first great science fiction epics. This is a brief look back at what made it so then, and still does today.
The prophecy of Armageddon which appears in the Revelation to John is explained. It came true but people couldn't distinguish it.
How many times will this earth be destroyed? Let's take a look at some of many world end scenarios, that have either come and gone, or are still coming.
What happens when the world ends and one is left to remember what came before? The knock on the door holds answers no one wants to learn.
An end of the world story from a different perspective. How would the rest of the world feel if human kind were to come to an end of times? The rapture is a welcome event in this humorous story.
Ignorance rules this world. Yet with ignorance, being like a disease having spread far and wide around the globe, willful ignorance emerges where simple truth cannot drive mankind’s “temperamental coma” into flight alongside with the “darkened ego.”
The "shifting into higher vibrational frequency" is merely a different term for the adoption of a higher level of thinking, and this is necessary for creating the willingness among people to become successfully evacuated and prepared for a new life in a society of higher order.
In religious circles much confusion is centered around the understanding of what "Judgment Day" really is. To the wicked it consists of having the truth told on them, to the righteous it means an opportunity for escape, and to both it will mean also the destruction of the surface of t...
2400 years ago Ezra was given an intriguingly accurate glimpse into current events and the end of this world. And so I have prepared a 5-part series of Ezra's surviving prophecies to which I certainly can relate to.
Some people don’t want to work, they just want to have friends with benefits, and live off other people's energy, some will steal other people’s property, and others will claim what they have not put anything into.
On December 14th 2012, and armed man entered an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut and killed 26 people, including 20 children. In the aftermath of this tragedy people of course have started to place blame on everything from guns, bullying, goth music, and the Apostasy (a fun...
Fear, dread, hope, enthusiasm, and many more emotions are aroused at the mention of the date, December 21, 2012. What does astrology have to tell us about it?
As December is drawing nearer, I was wondering how come media is not reminding it. Well jest apart, but who cares what tomorrow brings to us as long as we are alive now.
We won't ever know when and where love ends and begins. What is assured is we will always be together.
I can hear small groups of people talking about the end of the world here and there. Someone has said that the end will come on the shortest day this year. I can see the apocalypse happening now.
Think for a moment of Jane, born of December 21st, which this year is slated as the date of doomsday. She has an "End of the World" party planned, will it happen or will judgement day intervene?
2012 has been predicted by many as the year of Armageddon. Let’s have a look at few of the prophecies and scientific facts relating to it.
There are many mythical tales told, fairy tales abound with them, of how it all began many hidden behind the words, sacred scriptures to be read by those who know. This is about a journey from the Beginning of all to the End...enjoy
According to some scientists, the world is supposed to end in the year 2012. There really is no scientific reason why, there is only historic reasons. It all has to do with the Mayans.
Doubtless you have heard that the world will end on 12.21/2012, according to the Mayan calender. The reason usually given is that the magnetic field around the \Earth is way overdue to reverse itself. So the North pole will be the South pole. This article tells how that happens and...
The aliens are here and they are abducting people right off the street. Jacob has to get to his beloved wife before it is too late.
Predictions and predictors have always been part of the human experience. Their lack of credible accuracy seems to do little to diminish interest in and attention paid to them.
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