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This article will be about solar flares, technology, and why we should be worried about solar flares. Also, there was an idea I suggested that could save the majority of the population.
The earthquake in Nepal killed thousand and caused sufferings to millions of people. Whenever there is a natural calamity that causes great devastation, some people shout that they are signs of the end of the world. Natural calamities are not to threaten humanity, but they are calls o...
The end date of the Mayan Calendar, December 21, 2012, is not the end of the world, but the beginning date of the emergence of a new paradigm.
Just a few days or hours to see the end of the world. The ticking of the clock makes the people in many states grow nervous. many interesting stories from all sides of the globe are flooded into media daily. In some places prices of candles and party items are growing high.
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