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all ends sooner or later...but what goes on in between is what matters..a half empty or half full glass always a choice of attitude...some keep on drinking till the glass is empty...more fool they...
its a poem for the end of the year, to say goodbye, to see new things to begin fill the final pages with joy this year.
No matter what all things have to face to time called evening
A book review about Rick Riordan's: The Last Olympian. Fifth and last book of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
This review is about the last lecture given by a man who had only a few more months to live as he was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer. The last lecture given by him did not focus on dying ; rather it focused on how to live and how to achieve your childhood dreams. Such is the uniquenes...
This page is about end of friendship which gives more pain to us.
He will be there waiting for us, we all will meet eternity one day!
Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation (India) said some great things, that even today are etched in people's minds and hearts. Though most of things are practiced till date, there are somethings that he has said, which doesn't fit in, in 21st Century. A satire is what this write is.
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with a message worth a thousand words
Questions that have been in my heart for a long time and I really want an answer.
Tribulation is seen as the 7th and last church age. Laodicea, Rev. 3:14-22 The first part of The the book of Revelation is a study on the 7 church ages, and the overview of events will continue until the end of the tribulation period.
Equity share prices will fall alarmingly 50 per cent relative to their peak, we are not yet feeling the full impact of the global meltdown, but all the global economies are entering the conscious mode of recession, signaling the beginning of the end.
Mysterious happenings are all part of the end time program, which is gathering speed, and bringing the church nearer to perfection.
In the near future, as we approach the end time, there will be judgemental consequences to face, and nerve racking moments that will pose thought provoking questions, of which the dynamics will reflect in certain elliptical manifestations, of signs in the heavens, and in the atmospher...
Can't get a story going? Have a fantastic opening and climax, but a sagging middle? Or does your story peter out towards the end with a whimper? Here are some tips to spice up your writing frame...
When I start to write a short story I'm not sure how it will end.
Just to show that all things great or small, successful or failures, someday are equal in one thing.
Life is too short and it is painful though I have no choice but to live with it and enjoy it before retirement comes.
The lives of two people come crashing down when forces untold lead them to each others deaths.
A super cool manga that follows the life of a boy that can't confess his feelings to the girl he likes. But something happens...
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