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The shocking story of how corporates like google, tata control the indian intelligence agencies and are wasting indian tax payer money for their corporate goals, like destroying competition, ensure that their puppets are recruited with fake resumes to important intelligence agency jo...
Jealous, incompetent, unprofessional casteist top officials in indian intelligence agencies are making completely fake financial fraud allegations against engineer, wasting tax payer money.
Though the indian media has given a lot of coverage to the new Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, Btech 1993, IIT Kharagpur, Google has allegedly behaved extremely cheaply and dishonestly encouraging powerful fraud officials in indian intelligence agencies to steal the resume, retirement savi...
This is a page for All Enginneers-A party to Bring Revolution
Phil Campbell, Alabama, is a real place. People named Phil (or any variant) really are encouraged to come. This weekend the city puts on their annual hoedown. I couldn't be there this year, but am writing this article in honor of my namesake city just the same.
A true story of a Mechanical engineer driving rikshaw for his earning
This a non fictional account of quotations the were heard amongst engineers in a former company I worked for.
Sourcefilmmaker is a tool made by Valve, it is designed to let developers of games using the source engine make clips and has been recently let into the publics hands to allow them to also create great clips. Examples of clips made include the entire Meet The Series of Team Fortress 2...
We make a decision to fight an UN-winnable fight; never considering those we affect by our decision.
In public sector undertakings in India, even Engineers behave as head clerks for the defective work cultures they have developed over time.
Experiments on a new concept are being performed to see if solar power is feasible to clean up ice and snow on the roadways.
In the 20th century science changed our life – dramatically. In physics, astronomy, biology and technology they made great discoveries and improvements. In the second part read about the penicillin, the ENIAC project and the DNA molecule.
An inspirational true short story of someone I say significant in my life.
When it’s good it’s excellent, but when it crashes on me, it’s very very bad!
Story about three twin babies in same uterus talking about their ambition
An MBA and an Engineer go on a camping trip, heres what happened next.
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