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This poem is Kahlil Gibran's tribute to all human souls dying uncared for in this world. It is perhaps the most majestic portrayal of death in poetry. Gibran designed this poem as a psychic black hole of immense gravity which continues its journey through the abyss of time, consuming ...
Kahlil Gibran is mistakenly considered to have written his poems in free verse or blank verse but actually he was hiding his exquisite tunes behind a mask, so that the dull wits and half wits of his times won't attempt to sing them. Songs from his immortal work Tears And Laughter are ...
English class has been the bane of many a school student, but where does it go from here?
Oh, my God, I can get off this thing, it is my struggle with the English Language. It is my fifth language and I learnt it at school. Because it is the language spoken and used world wide in commmerce and trade, I had to learn it and use it. This article is about the struggles of peo...
Let me never tire of urging the chief editors of all our English-language news publications throughout East Africa to collectively slap a ban on the word 'former' until their reporters ,sub-editors and other editorial operators have learned to use it accurately and intelligently.
I'm certain many of us possess at some time or even an additional attempted to understand the language nevertheless threw in the towel whenever this obtained.
The chances are that if you are reading this then you are not the person this article is really aimed at, there are some writers that have been Wikinut members for more than a year and yet they continue to submit articles that have sub-standard usage of the English language. This is u...
Mona and Felipe are in Harbour Duffett for the grade ten exams. Mona and Ada are once again sharing a room while Felipe is given a room with two new boys.
It's also wise to search for sound assets to know the particular seems as well as exactly how it's obvious with an indigenous loudspeaker from the vocabulary. There are many free of charge online language resources
Understanding something within existence demands you to definitely understand the actual complete fundamentals very first. It’s such as understanding how to spider before you decide to stroll. Consider the very first actions through knowing the actual.
While English is not the designated mother tongue of the majority of Indians, the way it is being taught at schools since childhood and its widespread use makes one think if this does not make India a native English speaking country?
When I look at recently published posts I am always filled with EXCITEMENT when I discover a writer that I don't know who has just published something. Yet this feeling could be related somewhat to the pot-luck at the carnival because you never know whether the prize is good, bad, or ...
Etymology is defined as 'History of a word'. A further derivative of this word is Folk Etymology. It means a foreign or unfamiliar word which is adapted to a more familiar form through usage in a language. Folk Etymology in English language is an ongoing process that is prevalent for ...
Are text acronyms creating a faux English that will eventually wipe out grammar? Or are you confused about the messages you receive from younger friends and family? There is help, but hopefully it is not too late.
Content is is great demand at the moment, hence the constant demand for articles on the web and the growth of new writing sites, like Bubblews, yet at the same time certain existing sites continue to be popular. Quality is, in my opinion, of tantamount importance to he success of how ...
The school superintendent spent the summer pouring over test data. Or should it be poring over test data? Let's look at homophones and see which word is correct.
I'm a day late, but in honor of National Punctuation Day, this Grammarian wanted to share some tips on comma usage.
We have all seen them, young people that have no respect for others in their community, it sometimes seems that the best they can hope for is a future of drugs, depression, and dishonesty, not a great thing for the future of humanity. Our society needs to turn this trend around.
In my year teaching English as a Second Language as an Arkansas Reads! Americorps volunteer, I had a chance to experience many wonderful people from all over the world, and I wanted to share some of their stories with you. When you see someone who doesn't look or sound like you, I hop...
Simple tip to help you in your writing endeavor: try Googling. It helps more than you think.
Let us find out the meaning of efficient and effective.
How were you taught to use language at school? Were you told to write short sentences? Truth is there is no need to abbreviate your writing, you should let the creativity flow and the best way to do this is through longer sentences. Give it a try.
This piece is about the two books I pub published in Createspace and Kindle.
Jeffrey Archer is a consummate novelist, and his books are always compelling reads.
EC is a writing site that is now about 2 years old. However there is more hype and little substance in this writing site.
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